A Sugar Bowl play for the Swingers of Everyedge


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Just surfing EE, it has taken an interesting direction...not that there's anything wrong with that. It's almost as if a sorely missed member has returned and put a shot of NC-17 into the site

Sugar Bowl play
Alabama 1H -9.5 -130 3*
Bob Stoops vs. Nick Saban is like Jim Schwartz vs. Bill Belichek, actually it's worse. How many times does Oklahoma lay a humungous egg in these games? How many times does Stoops look completely outcoached and his team totally unprepared? How many times have I been roped into taking them? Far too many...not this time.
One thing I love about what I am seeing with regards to the line: Alabama 1H -9.5 -130 and Alabama game -17 -130. What that tells ms is that they desperately want Oklahoma money. Rather than moving the line they are asking crazy juice if you want to take 'Bama. Kind of a dick move by a couple books, but it's a move out of desperation. If Okie is somehow in this game at halftime, I am going big on 'Bama in the second half...bigger than 3*


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yeah, I noticed an abundance of double entendre's all over today as well.

like the play Todd and the approach at half time.



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LOL at Stoops, and anything and everything to do with the Sooners. F*** you you bastards. I take you every damn bowl game and you suck in the sickest way possible every year. and today you go out and look like a BCS championship team you sons of bitches.

I am not playing the 2H as this game is sick and stupid