Bowl Season


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I will only have one thread that will cover the entire Bowl Season.

Here are todays plays:

Buf -6.5 (-125) 3*
ov 51 3*

2 Team Teaser 5.5 to win 5*
Buf -1 / ov 45


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Tks Guys...BOL on your plays...


Ut St -7 .4* IMO Love lights up the scoreboard tonight

2 Team Teaser 5.5* to win 5*
Ut St -1 | ov 65.5


UCI -5 4* IMO, Anteaters win this by DD tonight....

Ice Cold

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" Best Of Luck " Is It That The Board Is Leaning To Fla Atl Way To Much Don ' t Know Hope Not As Here Is Another 1 That Would B On Board Also Looks Like A Over , Would Like To See Cent Michigan Win My Best For Today The Red Wolves Of Arkansas State


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It definitely wasn't as easy as I thought it should have been. Ohio tried to give it away a few times. I thought when that kid dropped that INT that hit him right in the numbers it was goin bite us right in the ass....