Gators Offshore -- Sun, 0617


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OK already took Houston (liked pick anyway and Mafia's friend confirmed)
and Cubs (like Wood to keep Cub streak going espec with large strike zone ump behind plate)

LA -107 2 UNITS Like Prokopec over Rapp, once again Mafia's friend confirmed pick for me

SF +121 1 UNIT hate to go against Hudson, but I think this is a good spot to do so, Giants have been hitting righties better than Oak has been hitting lefties last 10. Also Giants are hot and I think they get the sweep

AZ -265 2 UNITS Schilling over anyone, cant see Det w/ Mlicki winning series in AZ.

SEATTLE -160 2 UNITS cant remember the last time I DIDN'T play Seattle



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Hey steel... Dont bother with posting the overall totals tomorrow, I will do it. I need to update my database and I will just enter in the weekly totals that you post tomorrow and copy the overalls into here. It would be easier for both of us that way. Thanks for doing it this week... is Grizzly or myself supposed to do it next?


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Hi ScottyB... the overall totals will be up tomorrow as we start a new week. You totally deserve the compliment... you come across as a very patient bettor, not exactly someone 'the man' likes to deal with!

froggy, can you pick up the thread tomorrow and take it to next week? I can tabulate the results for today and bring this week to a close.

A couple days ago Grizzly posted that he wouldn't be able to work this thread anymore. You and I can toss it back and forth for awhile... and Grizz, no problems with leaving the thread. Maybe you can come back sometime down the road... if you've got other things on your plate we understand -- but keep the picks coming! AL and NL go back to their respective corners tomorrow.

One more thing froggy... something crossed my mind earlier tonight. As I worked on the thread this week, I kind of got a sense of how a book must feel as the bets roll in during the course of a day. I think it would be neat to post a daily ± of all of the picks. Just a thought. I'll give you an example when I do today's totals.