GC: Stanley Cup Finals Game 5 Historical Model

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The NHL Play is on Tampa Bay at 8:10 eastern. The Lightning are a pretty heavy favorite. However they apply to some powerful systems. For starters. Game 5 home teams that won the first 3 and then lost on the road are 4-0 all time in Stanley Cup round play. Tampa also fits a solid 28-2 All purpose playoff system that pertains to home favorites off a road favored loss. Tampa is 41-13 on Wednesdays and 65-17 after scoring 2 or less goals. Montreal has lost 10 of 14 on Wednesdays and they have lost the last 8 in Tampa. With the favorite having won 19 of 26 in this series we will Lay it with the Lightning. GC

Considering win order; considering site order: The team leading WWWL with site order HHVV (Tampa Bay) has the following best-of-7 playoff series and games record through the 2021 NHL and NBA Semifinals rounds:
series record, all best-of-7 sports, all rounds: 102-4 (.962)
series record, all best-of-7 sports, Finals round: 11-0 (1.000)
series record, NHL only, all rounds: 50-3 (.943)
series record, NHL only, Finals round: 4-0 (1.000)
Game 5 record, all best-of-7 sports, all rounds: 78-28 (.736)
Game 5 record, all best-of-7 sports, Finals round: 8-3 (.727)
Game 5 record, NHL only, all rounds: 39-14 (.736)
Game 5 record, NHL only, Finals round: 4-0 (1.000)


May 07, 2016Saturday2015CapitalsPenguinshome1-12-00-03-1-1505.02WU0
May 12, 2016Thursday2015SharksPredatorshome2-01-02-05-0-1755.05WP0
Apr 20, 2017Thursday2016PenguinsBlue Jacketshome1-02-22-05-2-1905.53WO0
May 02, 2017Tuesday2016RangersSenatorshome2-02-10-04-1-1605.03WP0
May 06, 2017Saturday2016CapitalsPenguinshome1-10-13-04-2-1675.02WO0
May 25, 2017Thursday2016PenguinsSenatorshome0-01-11-13-2-1905.01WP1
Apr 25, 2018Wednesday2017BruinsMaple Leafshome3-20-24-07-4-1755.53WO0
Aug 09, 2020Sunday2019CapitalsBruinshome1-00-01-12-11305.51WU0
Aug 12, 2020Wednesday2019BruinsHurricaneshome1-11-11-14-3-1305.51WO1
Aug 18, 2020Tuesday2019KnightsBlackhawkshome1-22-11-04-3-2155.51WO0
Aug 31, 2020Monday2019AvalancheStarshome5-01-20-16-3-1206.03WO0
Sep 04, 2020Friday2019KnightsCanuckshome0-00-03-03-0-2206.03WU0
Sep 14, 2020Monday2019KnightsStarshome1-00-01-22-3-1695.0-1LP1
May 25, 2021Tuesday2020HurricanesPredatorshome1-10-11-03-2-2155.51WU1
May 28, 2021Friday2020KnightsWildhome1-13-12-06-2-2005.04WO0
Jun 07, 2021Monday2020BruinsIslandershome1-11-32-14-5-1905-1LO0
Jun 21, 2021Monday2020LightningIslandershome3-03-02-08-0-1785.08WO0
Jun 25, 2021Friday2020LightningIslandershome0-01-00-01-0-1795.01WU0

Jul 07, 2021Wednesday2020LightningCanadienshome-2075.0