Grizzly Baseball -Monday


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Mornin All;

Offshore Bets

Toronto +115
Although I don't trust Parris much, I can't argue with the Jays being 13-4 in Game 1 of a series after a loss.

Seattle -120
Zito struggling this year
Seattle is 10-3 in Moyer starts
Seattle is 5-1 in last 6 meets

Pro-Line bets

3 of 4 RR
K.C/CWS under 9 1/2
generous line
K.C 21-10 under on road
Beurhle under 9-1 L10
K.C under L5

Sea/Oak under 9 1/2
Moyer under 4-1 L5
Oak under at home 19-9
Oak under 7-1-1 L9
Zito 3-1 under at home

Colo/Houst under 11 1/2
another generous line
Astacio under 5-1 L6
under is 5-2 in L7 meets

Fla/Atl under 8 1/2
Again I don't trust Glavine but the under is 6-0-1 in L7 meets.

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Good luck today.
Cheers. Grizz.