Iowa v Penn St 10 O/U 40


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Iowa goes to Happy Valley 3-0 coming off a fairly impressive win over Arizona. Penn St. awaits 3-0 as well beating 3 teams, in the bottom 1/3 of D1 football. While winning easily each of the 3 games, PSU was not all that impressive. PSU has struggled to get the OLine cohesive and thus the running game has suffered, is spite of Evan Royster being back this season. Royster did go for 130 yds. last week, to break out a bit v Temple PSU QB Clark is hitting about 66% w/ 8 TD's and 3 INT's, but the game breakers @ WR have graduated from PSU and it has been more of a ball control passing game thus far. PSU star LB Sean Lee is very ?able this week w/ a sprained knee ligament. However, PSU will get back OLB Bowman he has been out w/ a groin inj. since the 1st game.
Iowa also a bit banged up. starting LT Bulaga is ?? w/ some sort of thyroid disorder and has missed the last 2 games. TE Moeaki missed last game w/ ankle sprain, and WR DJK also missed AZ game w/ hammy. From what I was told, both wanted to play last week, but were w/ held my med staff. I would suspect that both will try to go Sat. night. Iowa QB Stanzi has struggled in the 1st half of each game this season, including throwing a pick 6 v AZ, but in the 2nd half has been nails hitting over 70% of his passes. Iowa's defense has been ball hawking leading the Big 10/11 in takeaways this season. S Tyler Sash has 9 INT's in the last 7 games including a huge INT v Penn St. last yr, which gave Iowa the ball and led them to a game winning FG to win 24-23 in Iowa City. Iowa HC Ferentz is 6-2 v Penn St, including winning 3 of 4 @ PSU, which included an OT win in 2002, and the memorable 6-4 win in 2004, however in 2007 PSU dominated Iowa winning 27-7. With Iowa's win last season fresh in the minds of the players and fans revenge is certainly on their minds.

I would expect Iowa to try and maintain balance in their offense, to keep Stanzi from forcing things through the air. The 2 headed frosh RB's of Robinson and Wegher have shown flashes of brilliance, but this is an entirely different defense and environment for them this week. Iowa's defense will be keyed by the DLine v PSU OLine. IF Hawks can get pressure on Clark w/ the front 4, dropping 7 into coverage, Iowa has a chance. Iowa must control Royster and keep him in check.

I tend to see a lower scoring game here, barring defensive TD's and/or short fields from TO's. A key might be Iowa's punter Donahue who averaged 51 yds./punt last week, and has only allowed 4 returns for 6 yds this season. Iowa doesn't typically give up long drives for TD's, hasn't allowed a rushing TD since last yrs. PSU game, and has only given up 2 offensive TD;'s this season. The line seemed high to us here in the heartland, but I see Ed thought it would be 14, so I suspect it is a good number.

On my radio show, I predicted Penn St. 20-13. I think the combos of night game on the road, white out, fresh RB's, and a sometimes erratic QB, make it very difficult for Iowa to pull the upset. However, the experienced defense, w/ its propensity to force TO's I think keeps this game close.



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thanks for the input Cr8on. Good to hear the Iowa info. I am going to the game and fully expect a Penn St win, but am hesitant to lay the 10 points. May look for something to tease this with, but I think St gets their revenge in the Whitehouse