ISU v Iowa Hoops


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ISU -12- v Iowa. ISU has struggled a bit over the last couple weeks, losing to UNI @ home and going to Cal and getting rolled by the Bears, but tonights game sets up very well for the Clones to get back rolling. Iowa comes to Ames following the loss to UNI on Tuesday night 67-50. Then the Hawks get stuck in Cedar Falls because of the blizzard we had, 16" of snow and 40 mph winds. they didn't get back to Iowa City until 9:00 Wed. night. Now bus over to Ames for the game.
Iowa HC Lickliter will NOT be on the bench again tonight, as he recovers from emergency carotid artery surgery, where they put stents in to repair the artery.

Iowa shooting the ball @ 29% from 3 in their losses and when you shoot like that, and shoot 51% of your shots from 3 that is not a good recipe for victories. Last yr. Iowa handled ISU's Craig Brackins by being physical w/ Cyrus Tate. Brackins will have much more success tonight as neither Cole or Cowgill have the quickness to stay w/ him out on the floor. I look for him to get 20+ tonight.

Iowa will hang for a while, but ISU will push the tempo, get some easy baskets and run away w/ this game.
ISU 74 Iowa 53