Monday Picks


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4-4-1 on Saturday - Sunday NFL


MIN-4.5 I know K. Cousins is something like 0-8 on Monday nite, I'll take the better team IMO


IND-5.5 Toronto gave it all last nite and with all the injuries, Indy will start to pull away in the 2nd half.

PHX+3.5 I think last shot(who ever) wins game.



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Good Luck icepack!

I'm on Pacers with you for a unit and parlayed with Heat ml for 1/2 unit

Hoop you sweep!



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Finally a post by you that I didn’t have to decipher ?. On them both myself.

Good Luck Ice!

Ice Cold

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" Best Of Luck " We B Different Better For U ? Would Also Play Under 46 . 5
I Heard Pittsburgh ' s Coach Talk & He Sounds As Though He ' s Smarter Than A Genius Y Dobbs Didn ' t Get A Chance There Will Never Understand
Jet Airliner " Steve Miller Band " !!! &&& ***