My friends Baseball plays


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Dodgers -105
Astros -150
Mariners -165

He has been betting Favorites the last 2 days. I know many dont like Favs, But hey they are hitting for him.
See ya tommorrow.


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Thanks for posting your friends plays. I'm on the Mariners (who isn't?) and hoping for lots of runs at Enron. Everyone likes favs that hit! Good luck to your friend.


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Thanks for the plays Mafia!
I liked all 3 of these games anyway, had 10 games I liked so you sure helped me narrow it down!


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Mafioso, Thnx for the tips cumpa, for what the guy is betting them for he has to be a high roller. And as for your self stay out of trouble in Tj don't want to see any thing bad happen to one of the family. Lots of luck on the picks. Ciao Il Duce.


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No Topdago I wasnt the one who got in trouble it was my friend
So Im the one who has to go bet his plays for him.
Me get into trouble
Never me