NFL Games this weekend


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I know Maddog always says divisional game take the home team no matter what but I like the Rams on the road .
Like the Rams even though they are away the Rams already beaten Brady and Co at home . They match up well but Brady O line will be put to the test with Miller and Donald breathing on Bradys back all game.

I think Burrows and the offence has to light up the score board if not they dont stand a chance will take the over.

Love the packers at home with Rodgers and his healthy team rested. Packers gonna make JG throw lots lets see how he does in the cold.

How can you not take PM at -2 at home. I know bills are a great team but pay back is a bi itch. lol

Bengals over 47-110
Chiefs ml-130

All for 2 unit


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well hopefully I get to kiss your sister after these 2 games today
Yesterday was awful
Sorry guys