NFL Sunday


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NFL Record 33-24

Tough loss with the Bills yesterday and hopefully some here played the game late at plus 7 which was available everywhere just before game time, I will make one more prediction here, if these two teams meet again in the playoffs the Bills will win that game. These lines are really tight this time of year, I’m having a tough time identifying betting opportunities here late in the season, and with so many good bowl games and the Playoffs around the corner do we really need to be playing these tough games? Having said that I will endorse one game today..........

Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5 4*

The big news out of New York this week was how much the players hate coach Gase in the locker room, and for the life of me I can’t figure out how stupid the Jets were for hiring this clown after his monumental failures in Miami, it’s no wonder these Jets have been irrelevant for so long with idiots in the front office continually making bonehead decisions. Pittsburgh is in the drivers seat for a wildcard spot and need to take care of business here today, and with their superior Defense I see a beat down coming for these feuding Jets today, one team will be totally invested today the other may be going through the motions I will side with the more motivated side looking to extend their season, play on the Steelers and look for a 24-13 type game! E.

Bol to all of you and enjoy the holidays with your families. E.


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Thanks for the play and good Luck Elite!

I'm a big Steelers fan so this would be an early Xmas ?

Best of the season to you and yours!



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yes, tough one with the Bills...had it at 6.5 also...going to tail this one, I think the Steeler D will shut them down

Good luck (y)