Odds and cashing tickets question.


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If I hold a ticket for say 10-1 on a golfer and I put up $100 for the ticket, Is the payout going to be $1100 (Initial wager plus odds), or is it going to be just $1000?


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say u went to vegas or off shore and put in 100 bucks on a golfer. if u win u get paid out 1000 for winning and the 100 bucks back u put in

the final answer is 1100
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Sorry Scooter, it's only gonna pay $1000. Every other Book pays $ 1100, but Pro-Line conveniantly has their OWN Lines. It's hard enough to Win on your own yet they incorperate your BET into your payout. Stopped playing Pro-Line years ago and switched to On-line betting , as there's lots of excellent ones out there. It doesn't seem like much money EX: (your $100) but over time it'll grind you down. JMO.