Palmetto Championship - Congaree


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Turned out to be a nice week last week with the Cantlay win.

Very top heavy field this week that quickly turns into what looks like an opposite field event. It is too bad, as we get this one shot at Congaree. The course will be the star this week..totally different from anything else on tour. Most similar to the Australian sandbelt courses. So we get a course with no history...a field that is a bit rough after the top 5 or so...and then not knowing entirely the approach of the top guys in the week before Torrey. Probably a good week to spread the stake around a bit more and throw some darts. All EW and about half the normal stake on each with more in play.

Tommy Fleetwood +2650
Harold Varner +4000
Keith Mitchell +5000
Luke List +6500
JTPoston +7500
Seamus Power +10000
John Pak +18000


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Thanks sgr

Round 2 Matchups:
HenrikNorlander -132 over TomLewis
TyrrellHatton -125 over Fitz
Brooks -186 over KeithMitchell
DJ -250 over Kis
WillGordon -107 over MattNeSmith


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Thanks seymour...looks like we are relying on Seamus Power for the ew.

Garrick Higgo +100 T10
Patrick Rodgers +177 T10


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Jonny Vegas +170 Top10

4-1 on the matchups today.
Round 3 Matchups:
AdamSchenk -117 over Andrew Putnam
TylerDuncan +140 over RussKnox
RogSloan -109 over AniLahiri
DavidLipsky -109 over MattNeSmith
KevinChappell -109 over RyArmour
DanLee -195 over BoVanPelt
DJ -300 over Chesson


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Finally have some matchups posted.

Round 4 Matchups:
WillGordon +160 over TomFleetwood
JosephBramlett -122 over WilcoNienaber
KevinChappell +150 over Poults
EVR -175 over RheinGibson
TyrrellHatton -300 over TainLee

Need good ones from Power, Higgo and Vegas