Pro Line Ticket for Today


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Hi SC;
Do you mean yanks or if Mets they are home.
I'm on some totals today but I'll cheer for your ticket. Good luck. Grizz.


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Sport/Con. For what it's worth, if I read your post right your getting ripped off on these bets. Is pro line run by the govt????? if so get your self a book and bet as I will show you the pay off.Now please don't take me wrong I am going by what you posted. This is the way you should be paid.{By the way thats a big price on the Red Sox $2.50}

$1.6x$1.00=$2.6---$2.6x$1.6=$4.16 +$2.6=$6.76

$6.76x$2.5=$16.90+$6.76=$23.66 for $1. Now this is what I would have to pay you for this parlay if I was your bookie.If you are showing right on the pay off that you are you are getting ripped off at that price. Do you know how hard it is to hit a 3 teamer much less one,Bookies would be wearing mink shorts at the pay off that you are showing, and fighting for your action.Please S/C again don't take me wrong, this site is to help each other out and I hate to see any one taking advantage of.Good luck my friend and Ciao Il Duce.

I appreaciate your concern......but I DO wager offshore .....I have 4 books that I use...Olympic, GCS, Bowmans, and Betmega....

I play proline for fun.....When I am at the store buying milk, bread, or cigarettes, sometimes (maybe couple times a month I throw $10 on a ticket for fun)

To be honest with you I DO NOT EVER (maybe two or three times a year) play parlays offshore, I think parlays are the worst plays you can make.......

As far as posting the proline plays, when I do play a ticket I will post it to share with those that play proline exclusively...

Thanks for the concern my friend.....

Ciao Paesano....bonna fortuna!!!

Have a prosperous day!!!



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S/C ignore post as I am recapping , as I made a fool out of my self in capping that bet and making all of them dogs instead of favorites{ Two Favorites}. I am sorry as I will tell you in my other post, to much partying last nite and a big head this morning dosn't make an old man much good with figures.Sometimes it better to keep ones mouth shut until one gets his head on straight, again I apoligize for making an ass out of myself. Ciao My Friend Il Duce.