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I have a local that allows 12 point teasers and you are allowed to move the 12 points anyway you want. Catch is it is 6/5 odds (120 to win 100) and ties lose. For instance you can take a 6 point dog and give them 8.5 to make them +14.5 and take the other 3.5 and make a 4 point fav -.5 (essentially a pick). There are instances when it comes in real handy so long as you don't leave them on whole numbers so the tie does not come into effect. It really allows you to get your lines across or under key numbers (3,7,10, etc..)
Now I know that teasers as a whole are a quick way to the poor house but wondering what your guys take on this type of bet is??


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I don't know about any one else, but to me a 12 point tease sounds great to me as I am tease player.Most of mine are 7 pointer though, and I manage to stay alive with them.