SOCCER SAT: M.L.S. Columbus-Tampa & Colorado-Dallas:


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The first game starts at 7:30 pm EST If you've got a dish its on SUNSHINE.
Colombus CREW vs Tampa MUTINY: The total here is 2 1/2 Over -145 but i like the UNDER.Colombus CREW have scored the least goals (10) in the M.L.S Infact they have only scored 1 goal their last two games.Add to this that their 3 best players will be out today due to World Cup qualifications.
Tampa are 1-1-8 their last 10 so obviously they are not offensively skilled.They have managed 1 goal their last 3 games or 2 goals in their last 5 games.Tampa are also 5-0 in Columbus lifetime.Seeing that they are 1-1-8 overall,a 1-1 or 1-0 game makes sense here.Also Noel Kenny will ref this one and take it from someone who had him as a ref on severaly occasions back in my NCAA days.He gives out no yellow or reds and very few free kicks.Play the UNDER2 1/2 +105.

Game 2: Colorado RAPID vs Dallas BURN: 9:00pm EST on KSTR if you own a dish.Colorado beat Dallas already this year when Dallas were down to 10 men and the RAPID scored at the 87th mark to win 1-0.Dipite that Colo are 0-4-2 their last 6,and are missing their 2 best players due to world cup qualys.These two players are a centre midfielder and a central defender,can you say HUGE GAP UP THE MIDDLE.Dallas were beat 6-2 by the best team in the league 3 games ago.Since then they have won 1-0 and 3-0,and will certainly be focused on a road revenge game here after not giving up a goal in two straight games.I will be on the Dallas BURN here at +155.

M.L.S.Record stands at 3-1 or +2.45 Units.I will be keeping track as someone had asked me if i could for the M.L.S.


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Wizard enjoy following your informative posts. This year I'm going to try to follow
soccer much closer which sites would you
suggest to follow for good information.
Interested to know where you played in States. I've played a few exibition games against a few NCAA schools.


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Hi ukie: I played at Eastern Illinois.As far as sites go.Since i played in Italy most of what i get is through many friends that i have that still play or played there.My M.L.S. info comes from watching games since i have a dish i'll watch them live or tape them.www.sportsline has a little info on MLS.Once your there go to MORE.Then click on to SOCCER.Good Luck.


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Hi Wizard, Ukie...

First of all, thanks for the great insight Wizard. Soccer is not the easiest sport to cap but you make it much easier.

If you guys need a great soccer site, go to Daily fixtures, live score links and good links to other sites and clubs.

Hope this helps.



Hi Wiz
Just wanted to thank-you for posting your Soccer plays. Had a great pay off with Dallas, as I was able to pick them up at +175.
,,,,thanks Rawkee