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First let me apoligize for a bad post, woke up late and my head is not on straight.Got home to late this morning and still half asleep. Let me check your bet again as I was posting a $1.6 as a dog and not a favorite.Sorry about that. $1.6 {8-5}==$.62 a big difference from $1.6. Ok $.62x$100=$1.62x$.62=$1.00=$1.62=$2.62x$2.5=$5.65+$2.62=$8.27 to one.Still a little more than $6.40 but I'm sure you would rather get back $82 than $64. I'm sure your not a novice and have been around the block a couple of times, so believe me my face is red.But like I said this site is to help each other out and I love all the guys that do that with some that don't know correct odds, or how to figure out a parlay. I just read your answer to me and I see what you mean now, Its like playing a number or the lottery in the states. Yea you just take a shot for a few bucks and hope the hell it hits.Your right about parlays, there tough but like your self I screw around and put a $10 or $20 on a 3 and sometimes 4 teamer now and then. But when the hit wow the prices really look good don't they, I popped one this year for $30 and it came through for $362 as the Yankees were a $1.30 dog when they threw Lilly a rookie in.Again S/C let me apoligize for making a fool out of my self with those riducoulis prices I posted. By the way{If you heard this one before stop me lol} I recieved an E-Mail today from a guy and who the hell he is I will never know, and he said Duce this comes right from the Mets Clubhouse,THEY WILL NOT LOSE TONITE. Now as for betting them I said to my self before I read the line the only way I will bet them is if Reed is pitching, lo and behold Reed is pitching so it looks like I will lay the wood tonite and go against my team. It is the only late game and is on ESPN so my friend if you bet them and they win, you heard it from me. If they lose at my age {70} I'm going to say what the hell are you talking about, I don't remember.Good Luck My friend & Ciao Il Duce.


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This post tells me that there are "caring" people out there. Thanks for the lesson from the "mature" sports players.

NO apology neccessary!! Just the fact that you were trying to help is enough reason to post what you did! Don't worry, I appreciate your concern. But, sometimes, betting just has to be fun, that is why I play the pro line. The offshore accounts are very serious business to me, the prolines are definately for fun only.

I posted the Mets early morning in the Offshore plays thread and I capped it as a rare 3 unit play...........well I went to bed disappointed and woke up to see an 8-7 Win......I still dont believe it.......I gotta confirm the score.....

Good Luck today!!!