Sunday Baseball:


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1* Cincinnati -120
1* Cleveland -155
1* Milwaukee -150
1* U-9 -105 W-Sox/Cardinals
1* White Sox -110

MLB Record- 75-55 +21.63*

Last day of inter-league play for a couple of weeks, and the plan is to go out winning. Went 3-2 yesterday picking exactly 1-unit. That puts us at the highest profit mark of the season. Today we see if we climb that hill even further.

Dessens is up today for the Reds, and they are 7-6 when he starts. Not a great number but considering what the Reds have done this year any thing with more wins than losses is a small feat LOL. He is 7-2 verses teams that have an OB% of .380 or better. He is 2-0 vs Colorado including a win at Coors Field earlier this year. Bohannon is 1-3 vs the Reds with an 8.53 ERA. The last 3/Y he is 2-10 verses team that are being outscored by 0.5 or more RPG. Cincinnati is 5-1 the L/3Y after 5 or more consecutive losses. Play against road underdogs of +125 or less with a team batting average of .280 or better on the season (NL). 90-57 L/5Y 61.2%

Ritchie got his first when in 13 tries last time out verses Detroit. Today however I don't look for the Pirates to have the big of a run support with Sabathia on the mound for Cleveland. C.C. is 6-1 on the road TY, and Cleveland is 13-3 after two consecutive games as a road favorite TY. The Pirates are 0-8 TY after winning 2 consecutive games, and 2-16 after winning 2 of 3 games TY. Since 1996 Cleveland is 30-13 after losing 6 or 7 of their last 8 games. Play against home underdogs of +125 to +150 after having won 4 or 5 of their last 6 straight up. 129-68 65.5%. Play on road favorites of -125 to -150 with a team on base percentage of .400 or better on the season (AL). 96-48 66.7%

I was playing this pitching match up Friday, and they are facing off today instead. Kansas City is 15-30 the L/3Y after winning 5 or 6 of their last 7 games. They are also 23-40 as a road dog of 125 to 150 L/3Y. Stein has an 8.47 ERA on the road, and a sky high 2.294 WHIP. Milwaukee is 4-2 TY at home when Wright starts, and he is 1-0 verses Kansas City. That one win came off a game verses Stein. Wright pitched 7 inning allowing 1 ER, and Stein pitched 6 innings giving up 5 ER's. Stein is actually off a road win at Texas, but that still leaves him with 16 ER in 18 IP on the road TY.

Hard to pass up David Wells at -110. Even though the Cardinals are starting a Monster prospect in Bud Smith. The kid was 7-4 in 13 starts with a 2.14 ERA in AAA Memphis before being called up, and was 17-2 with a 2.26 ERA in AA ball last year. Which is the basis of my under play along with the fact the Sox are 8-2 under on Sunday's TY and 17-7 under after 2 consecutive road games TY. Wells is 12-3 in inter-league play, and 12-3 verses teams who's hitters SO 7 plus times/game. As well as an 18-6 mark in June games. Since 1996 the White Sox are 23-11 revenging two straight losses where their opponent scored 8 or more runs in both games. Chicago is also 40-20 in road games where the total is 8.5 to 10 since 1996.




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Hi Doc;
Just stopped in to say I enjoy reading your posts. You do good work.
Good luck on your plays.
Cheers. Grizz.


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Doc--I always look for your write ups before pulling the trigger. Thanks for sharing your hard work. GL


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Thanks gang. I took a few steps back today, but still ended up 2 plus units on the week. I don't guess one can win every day eh?
Good Luck to everyone else on the remainder of their plays today.




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Doc, I was off the 1st teebox at 7:45 this am and did not get the chance to peruse your post until this afternoon. Karma maybe. I've coattailed your picks a number of times to my decided advantage. Always enjoy your analysis and insight, today no exception. Today's outcome, simply an aberation. Looking forward to tomorrow's musings.

Continued success!!
Cheers, ReaDyMon!