Super Bowl thoughts please!


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Currently Atlanta Falcaons are +2050 to win the SuperBowl.
They are already guaranteed a first round bye.
They will be the favorite in the 2nd round, no matter who they play (unless Vick goes down in the next 2 weeks).
They will quite possibly play a Philly team without Terrell in Philly to go to the Superbowl.
Now thats alot of ifs? But at 20.5 to 1 seems like tremendous value for a team led by a guy that can put an entire team on his back and carry them to victory.
They may not win, but if they do happen to get there, then they will be a lot less than a +2050 dog.
Would love to hear some thoughts on this strategy.
Seems like a good investment with a chance to buy back for some free money if they do make it.

Greely Pats

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I agree there is huge value. I checked my 2 books one has +1260 the other + 900.

Prehaps these are pre-owens injury lines.