Superbowl Sunday


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Pretty sad day last game of the season and it went by so fast.
All last week I was leaning Bengals but looking at it more I cant see the O Line of Bengals stopping Donald/Miller & Co
Burrows got sacked 9 times against the Titans I believe Rams D is far better than titans. Imo Burrows will have a long day.
Rams are the home team they get to sleep in their own beds even though being home might be a distraction but I dont think Mcvay will let that happen.
Offensively Kupp OBJ Akers will be too much . Burrows/Chase will have more opportunities but not tonight.
Not betting props I never win but If I did it would be Kupp to catch 1st TD at +375 OBJ over 5.5 catches

Rams ML -190....5 units

this will be my last post till NFL season kicks off again

Best of luck to everyone