The final countdown


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Well crap, we are at the end of another season. Been a pretty good one for ole BB as I am in the plus. Tough game to cap tonight, but here's my take.................
Cin/LAR under 49 - 5*++++ Defense wins championships. Trenches are where the real game is fought. Strength comes from within not stats. Without going into a long winded detail, I see this game as pretty balanced. On the LAR side the weak point id the secondary coverage. On the Cincy side, can that O line (especially the right side) hold out the all star D line to even exploit the secondary? I don't see it. The Rams have moved the ball but fail to score TD's in the red zone and it's an issue. Cin can move the ball but it's more pass heavy now and that line concerns me. Lot's of running early and jacking in the first half, so I will also play..................
Under 24.5 1st half - 4* Both these team ave a total of less than 9 pts in the first qtr. They simply start slow and the adjustments will come in the second half. Interesting that Stafford production drops by almost half once he's out of the pocket. He also gets ancy and I can see him turning it over by forcing the pass after the run game stalls in the first half. As for Burrow, kid has a bright future but in his first massive SB stage, I think he may not have quite the weapons he needs yet. Another yr or two........................
LAR -4.5- 2* So looking at these guys it seems to me they are pretty even match. Weak spots are the others strength, but in the end I have to take the home team with more vets in the lineup.

GLTA here on the greatest board on the web. I wish you all great health and prosperity for the summer. And to all my brothers north of the divide, there are many here who support and back you guys all the way. As an ole Logistics manager, I love truckers!!!! Stay safe, warm and hopefully, in da money.


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Gl Buff with you on the Rams and I think you are right in playing the 1st half Under as I’m a little concerned the floodgates could open up in the second half when Cinci finds themselves behind.


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LOL. I almost thought I was in OP. Just finished the wings for the game on the grill and swear it’s about 5 here in SE Michigan