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Q: Can you actually believe what happened on the 18th green, really happened?

-->In all my years of watching and playing golf, I've never seen anything like that for a major.


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yes i can. not the first time someone choked. i loved it as i cashed my matchup with brooks today. winning +26 units during the open. all plays where in the u s open thread.


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Van Der Valde immediately leaped to mind when I saw Goosen choke. John had that British Open won, hell I could have taken a 5 iron, wedge and putter and won the tourament for him. Why he felt he needed to win with a par or a birdie, I'll never know!! He could have stick handled his way to a bogie and his name still would have been in the history books as that year's winner, BUT NO, he had to look the hero to the end. As someone once said, "Golf is 90% mental and the rest is all in your head."

Following neverteaseit today and playing 1 unit on Brooks. Am somewhat nervous though, as Goosen looked very composed through the 1st 17 holes yesterday. Hope he didn't sleep too well last night!!!

Good Luck to all, ReaDyMon.


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Goosen knows this was his to lose ... still is!!

If he can play brooks even for the first three or four holes, I think he'll settle down and not look back AGAIN!!!

Joe C

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I'm still waiting for NBC to show Mike Weir
hit a shot,he started off Saturday and Sunday
ahead of Tiger and I believe they showed 1 shot of Weir's all weekend and 138 of Tigers's,of course who's counting.


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GREG NORMAN! Atleast this was a moments apin to watch, Norman's was drug out over 3 hours...Saw that Brooks is 1up thru the 3rd hole.....