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I play and watch alot of golf. These are my thoughts on the US Open. Tiger is the obvious choice and the best choice. His accomplishments are simply amazing, and he's only 23 (i think). If i had to pick someone else, these are the guys i would go with in no particular order. Players have been commenting that its going to take someone who combines great driving with accurate iron play. Of course it is a US Open so a great short game is also very important when you do make a mistake.

Sergio Garcia: playing well right now. Drives the ball well, great short game. Spotty iron play at times.

Tom Lehman: has won at Southern Hills before. Likes to work the ball right to left and that is perfect for this course. Good driver of the ball, great with his irons, probably one of the very best on tour. Shaky putter from time to time.

Phil Mickelson: Excellent all around game. His ball flight also fits this course. Will win a major one day, will it be this one? Has missed short putts under pressure in the past. Has ran into a mental block on Sunday in regular tour events this year, can he get over it in a major?

Vijay Singh: Seems to always play well in all major championships. One of the very best ball strikers on tour. Underrated short game. When he putts well, he wins. It all comes down to that for Vijay.

Two other players to keep an eye on, but i personally wouldn't put any money on them, unless you were getting a very nice number.

Mike Weir: Hasn't been playing up to his standards the past few weeks, i'm not sure why. Does anyone else know? I love his game but i couldn't go with him with all these other great players in the field. He will also have to hit alot of right to left shots off the tee and i'm pretty sure he likes to hit it left to right.

Lee Westwood: I just haven't seen enough of him because i don't follow the european tour all that close. Truly one of the world's best players though.

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Interesting Robbo,

Where is Southern Hills?

I don't watch much golf,how has Tiger done, last couple tourneys? Did he skip one to get ready for US Open? What's his mental focus right now? I'm interested because I'd like to get a bet down on Tiger. He always seems to step it up for the Majors!


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Southern Hills is in Tulsa OK. Weather will be HOT and muggy, highs in the 90's.

Tiger has won 5 of his last 6 tournaments including the last one he played in The Memorial by 7 shots. As you know Tiger has won 4 majors in a row and 5 of the last 6. No other player seems to be able to get his game peaked for the majors like he does, at least not since Nicklaus.

He is the overwhelming favorite at anywhere from even money to 3/2, depending on where you look. For Value in your wagers I'd consider guys like Vijay Singh, David Duval or maybe someone like Jim Furyk.



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Hi Robbo:Nice analysis.I'll put my two cents worth in.I expect Justin Leonard to have a good Tournament.He may not be the longest hitter on tour.However he has switched to a new driver which has added some distance.He has always been accurate and i think the U.S.Open rewards accuracy more than length.He has been playing well so far this year and seems to have the confidence this year that has been missing for the last few years.I'm not saying that i think he will win
but i will be taking a look at his pairing.I hope to get a play in on him if the odds are reasonable.Good Luck with your plays.


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ok were gonna take some shots, long shots that is to win the open.
people to fade imo.
colin montgomerie, never won on american soil. healthy or not the heat will take its toll on this custard pie. 95 % humidity will eat him alive.

fred couples, still has back problems and personal problems with ex wife dying.

greg norman, has been done since the collapse at augusta.

nick faldo, what have you done for me lately.

olazabal, still think his foot his bothering him and may never recover from it. hell why don't he get a cart?

will not play a european player to win. just don't see it here. heat and greens will be brutal for these guys, takes awhile to get use to the humidity here in the states and this week is going to be bad.

long shots

lee janzen +6000, this guy is Mr. U.S. Open, when this tournament comes around his game picks up big time.

phile mickelson +1200 overdue, if he can stay within his game and not make silly mistakes he should be there in the end.

hal sutton +4000 game is a little off but is starting to play better.

take a shot at the field always some no name pops up on the leaderboard and they may hang around this weekend. +400

all plays 1 unit each

still think we are throwing cabbage away though.only playing guys who i think have the mental ability to beat tiger. as far as that goes tiger wins again imo. still think he will destroy the field.

to bad Payne Stewart has passed on. Would love to have seen him and tiger go at it one time at the U.S. Open.

will wait for info from practice rounds today before posting matchups


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jbgood: I agree with you 100 percent about Leonard. The last few tournaments he's played he has showed signs of getting back to top form. At times its been just one mediocre or bad round that has held him back from being in contention. I think he will have a strong tournament and a great finish to the season.


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What about individual matchups guys, I think
Tiger is pretty tough to bet against to win.
I was looking at Lehman 8.5 to 1,
Vijay 5.25 to 1 and Duval 6.5 to 1 all to place. Top 4----Tour. matchup:
Lehman over Toms--Lehman has won here.
Price over Parnevik--Nicky has won here and
Jesper doesn't fare well at US Open.
Azinger over Hoch-- Zinger in better form.
Sutton over Weir-- Halimony over on off form


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going with these matchups for 72 holes
clarke over olazabal -115 2 units
janzen over couples -140 2 units
triplett over may -105 6 units
calcavecchia over langer +125 6 units

laying heavy on triplett and calc. feel there game suits them very much here. relly like triplett to fair very well this year and calcavecchia should drop a very good opening round. 3 of 4 maybe over friday.
still like tiger to win by a bunch!!


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I like your analysis. Good call on Garcia! He has the game and is hot right now. Lots of charisma also. Mickelson looks like he could easily make a charge especially after that sweet hole'n'one. That has to be good for the game between the ears. To bad for Weir as I have been a fan since his Canadian tour days. When he played my course he walked off the the fourth hole four under and asked where the fifth hole was. Amazing to watch.

The biggest losers if Woods doesn't make it will be NBC. lol

So what handicap do you play to Robbo?

A journeyman could win this one... Whoever took the the field is looking good right now. Good luck.


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Trader, i'm pretty happy with the way the tournament has went so far. I've got Sergio at 50/1 odds to win the tournament, so hopefully he can keep up his strong play, 2 tough days left though. In the five i ended up going with for the winners edge contest i'm pretty happy so far. Lehman struggled the first day ( he was probably trying too hard) but played well today. Look for him to play well on the weekend. Vijay will probably also have a good weekend. Sergio and Mickelson look very good and my final player is Furyk, who i decided to take over Duval and they both look good.

As for myself, i play to a 3 or 4 cap and play as much as i can. In fact i didn't watch very much of today's coverage because i was on the golf course all day. I have a big match coming up and need to sharpen up my game.

I have no idea which journeyman will fade away and which one's will hang around until sunday but it will definitely be interesting.


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Hey Fella,

Wow, you play to a 3 or 4 handicapp... Thats pretty good!! I have Singh also well and I hope he dosent fade for the US Open! Sergio on the other hand sounds very confident although I'm not sure he has right stuff to close. Micelson has played this course well in the past (94) which should give him even more confidence going into the final rounds. Everyone must be happy with their picks so far at EE although I do like your style choosing Furyk. When ever there is a major his name comes up.

Send me an email at and I"ll send you something of interest.


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well i am looking pretty tasty right now. only played 4 match ups for 72 holes and 2-0 with 2 still undecided. after 36 holes
clark -115 vs olazabal 2 units
clark +2
olozabal m/c

janzen - 140 vs couples 2 units
janzen +5
couples m/c

triplett -105 vs may 6 units
triplett +2
may +4

calcavecchia vs langer 6 units
calcavecchia +4
langer +2

like to see langer collapse but doubt if that happens, should go 3-1 or might get lucky a piggy. gl all


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well i had forgotten that langer had not finished his round yet so that is a big bonus. he will be tired today. if calcavecchia can post a +1 to +3 today i am looking very good then. passing today on any match ups will wait till tomorrow, thinking is course is going take its bite today and we shall see who can weather the storm, also anybody who had to play extra holes today would be a good bet against tomorrow. will post mtchups tonight after they come out. gl all


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change my mind on that just found one that looks to good to be true. lets see tiger struggling duval playing great.


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Also just found out lee janzen has been dq or missed the cut due to a 2 shot penalty enforced from a rules violation yesterday. still win his matchup though. +7 to couples +10


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Neverteaseit, do you know where you found out about Janzen? I can't find it on the net. Also, I see that you plus a couple of others had Janzen in WE's contest, tough break all.


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Info on Janzen:

TULSA, Okla. -- A two-stroke penalty for a rules breach on Friday morning that was assessed Saturday has sent two-time champion Lee Janzen home early from the 101st U.S. Open.

Janzen used a towel to absorb moisture from the fairway before replacing his ball that was in play prior to the 8 a.m. ET resumption of the first round. That action was a violation of Rule 13-2 (Decisions 12-2/35 and 6-8d/1).

"Ordinarily when a player fails to include a penalty and signs for a score lower than should have been recorded, the result is disqualification," said Reed Mackenzie, USGA vice president and chairman of the rules committee.

"But since the committeeman observed the violation and failed to notify the player of the penalty, the penalty of disqualification was waived. However, the penalty strokes must still be added to his score."

Janzen was contacted and the action was taken at 10:45 a.m. ET Saturday. With the two-stroke penalty, he shot 77 in the first round. He had a 70 in the second and missed the cut, which came at 6-over par, by one stroke.

Rule 12: Ball played as it lies
Rule 13-2: Improving life, area of intended stance or swing, or lie of play
Decision 13-2/35: Removal of dew or frost
The removal of dew or frost from the area immediately behind or to the side of a player's ball is not permitted. Such action is deemed to improve the position or lie of the ball or the area of the player's intended swing and is a breach of Rule 13-2, unless it occurs incidentallt to some other action permitted under the Rules, such as in addressing the ball or removing loose impediments.

Decision 6-8d/1: Resuming play from where it was discontinued; lie altered by natural causes
Natural causes such as wind, rain and water may change the conditions at the spot where the ball is to be replaced and the player must accept those conditions, whether they worsen or improve the lie of the ball.


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Nice work and analysis so far,first time I have read about golf betting until I run across your tips.
BOL Neverteaseit and Robbo

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