Valspar - Copperhead Course


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Back to Florida for a non-Florida type course. Copperhead is a good test and largely tree lined, which is more the exception in Florida.

Tournament EW Plays:
DJ +1100
Sungjae +2300
Sam Burns +7000

See lots of interest out there on Corey Connors at the top and Keith Mitchell as a long shot. Both are on my fantasy team so would be more than happy with a win from either. Just feels like the value is gone from CC and +1800 abd the #3 favorite is going to be tough to live up to. Mitchell is a lottery ticket at +12500 that has mostly disappointed this year. A good course fit and some positive momentum is likely what has him identified as a long shot.


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I see what you are saying about Conners...he had a great 3 rounds back in 2018 in this tourney but shot 77 in the final round to finish 16th...kinda hard to believe he's only won once on tour, he's pretty consistent....
I like Sungjae too, have him in fantasy
Also like Kokrak at +3300...hasn't missed a cut in a while and had a few top 10 finishes in early March...also finished 2nd and 8th at this tourney the last 2 years played...
Justin Rose +3300...good history here
My Canadian choice and long shot will be Adam Hadwin +10000...he's won here and played alright since the new year
Your thoughts are always appreciated. Looking forward to your matchups!
Good luck all!
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Good stuff seymour. Nice start from Kokrak for you. I am a huge believer in Conners. At this point, he is in the class in which when he has a hot putting week...he will win.

Good starts for Burns and Im....a bit disappointing from DJ.

Round 2 Matchups:
VikHovland -148 over Max
JT -157 over JoqNiemann
LukeList -117 over RorySab
RyanMoore +102 over ChrisKirk
PaulCasey -129 over JasonKokrak

RyanMoore +250 Top10
PaulCasey +163 Top10


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Neither Kokrak or Casey putted very well today but Kokrak was the better. Friday's have been my weakest day for matchups. But good shape with Burns T1 and Sungjae T7. DJ can get into the place game with a low one.

Round 3 matchups:
KramerHickock +102 over BenAn
WynClark +116 over DennyMcCarthy
KeithMitchell +117 over RyanMoore
ScottSheffler -195 over DocRedman
BronBurgoon -105 over CamVillegas
HenNorlander +175 over VicHovland
JasonKokrak -105 over JoNiemann


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Hav What site did you get most of your matchups? My sites have some but
it is hit and miss. thanks SGR


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3-2-2 on the matchups today. All about Burns to get it done tomorrow, but it is going to be tough. Keegan is hitting the ball perfectly and is in a great spot to bounce back with the putter tomorrow. Max is playing with so much confidence.

VikHovland +163 T10
JustinThomas +200 T10

Round 4 Matchups:
Schenk -122 over KMitch
KramerHickok +120 over JTPoston
JohnnyVegas +130 over RyanPalmer
KHLee -117 over ScottStallings
JasonDufner -109 over PatPerez
CoreyConnors -152 over CHIII
JasonKokrak -230 over VaughnTaylor
VikHovland -110 over Shrek
Keegan -132 over SamBurns


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Awesome Hav!! thanks a lot I had Burns 4 ways!! If I am ever down your way Beers are me
thx again and keep up the good work!!


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Great job Havy. Thanks for posting and sharing. Your golf plays are an auto read every weekend. Thank you pal.