Week 15 and an apoligy


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I wish to apologize to RGoodie1 and the board for my post to his Army/Navy play this morning. I mistook his play and in no way intended animosity to anyone who saw it. I have removed the post in his thread. Been following him for years and highly respect his capping. Sorry RG...................

Chi/GB over 40.5 - 4*
Sea -6.5 - 2*
Tenn -3 - 2*
Den/KC over 44.5 - 3*

Back later


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NBL....BB....But on the other side of ur Bears/Pack total play...You are acting too Canadian when you apologize for everything!!!LMAO.
GL on ur plays my friend.....Mike.


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Funny Coach. Not everything, just my bonehead move reading his post wrong. Big one for the Bills tonight. Its as simple as it gets..........win and in without having to rely on anyone else for a change.


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LOL saw the post and knew that your fingers were on auto pilot while your brain was in neutral. I remember referring to Goodie as RG3 a few years back!

All the best on your card today!



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Thanks for the laugh Randy. I think I even remember that. Late plays...................
Clev/Arz under 49 - 3*
Atl/SF over 48.5 - 2*
LAC +2 - 4*

I am going to refrain from a play tonight as my heart pulls me to play my Bills. The under is 11-4 on SNF this season, but I believe this game will go over 37 points. I see Daboll letting Allen use RPO more as he did against Dallas on TG day. The play calling last week was really bad on Daboll's part and I believe McDermitt had a nice long talk with him after the game. They had Balty stopped and failure on the O side to produce once again (just like the NE game in week 4) cost them the game. Don't expect Daboll to be so deep in Allen's head again this week with the whole "Just don't lose the game" crap. If these Bills are serious about being a contender, they have to put up points and Allen knows it. He looses that dumb struck look he had on his face last week tonight and at least makes a game of it.