Who will sign next???


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Any predictions on which NHL Free agent will sign with what team next??

Will Hull go to chicago or Will Lemieux get him to Pittsburgh??


My predictions:

Hull to Chicago for huge money

Bobby clark will let Lindros sit until next years trading deadline. Lindros will run to his parents saying , "mommy, daddy, what should I do now?" They tell him what to do. Lindros will run to Bobby Clarke saying "fine trade me to any F***ing team you want" Lindros will go to a team like Atlanta (just to piss him off) and Bobby Clarke will run to the Press saying "I WON, I WON"
Lindros will then bump his head on a water bottle during training camp causing yet another concussion, forcing him to retire and join his brother as co-host on "Be a player, the hockey show". Bobby Clarke will continue to get crank calls at his house (police will later find out that it is Pat Quinne, still pissed about the last minute back-out). And Finally Bobby Clarke will go completely insane and hold press conferneces with his front two teeth missing like the good ol' broad street bullies days!!!




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I hope Clarke lets Lindros sit as long as legally possible. It will serve that freak'n idiot right & keep him from playing in the Olympics.

ROCKY: Do you know what Bobby has on Ed Snyder? (I think that's the name of the Flyers owner) It must be mean & nasty, cause I can't figure how Clarke's kept his job all these years. ReaDyMon


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I'm not sure ReaDyMon, but it must be good cause Clarke gets paid a lot of money to be a jack ass!!!



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Zamnur signs with Flyers
If Clarke would of traded The Clan to Toronto you would all love him--right!!
If L had one hair of teammanship that Clarke had when he played--he'd be a star--instead he hides behind his mother's skirt..( maybe the rumors are true...)


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Sorry but Clarke is an idiot and one of the worst general managers out there, name one trade he has won. Recchi for Leclair he didnt win it was pretty even ill give him credit their but, how long did he need a goalie for? Instead of signing Joseph when he was available he decided against that and settled on the cheaper goalie. If he holds Lindros another year as good for the league it would be, If im a Flyers fan(which im not) I feel Clarke is costing me another run at the cup. If i were Clarke i would trade him to Detroit for Osgood and Federov or possibly The Rangers for Richter and Brendl and or Lundmark,(I know Richter is hurt but im looking at the post season.) Bottom line is if Clarke was to trade Lindros for a number 1 goalie and or a Offensive dman they could make a serious run at the cup if not they will not makie it past the second round.

As for Hull i could see Lemiuex signing him and wouldnt even doubt that they have agreed to something and as soon as Jagr is dealt it will become official.

I also predict Burke will do nothing to help the Canucks goaltending situation(at least no better than Essensa could have done) and will spend more time talking than doing this year.


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No way that the Flyers get both Osgood and Sam Jones for Lindros. Leave out Osgood and Detroit might go for it. They could trade Osgood to St Louis for something decent....possibly Demetria.


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Think again Donnie, Osgood will have less value now that teams know that Detroit is paying Hasek 9 mill and him 4 that is 13 mill for a goaltender it would be better for Detroit to unload Osgoods salary therefore making sense.

Joe C

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The Red Wings replenished their draft stockpile Monday by trading little-used defenseman Aaron Ward for a second-round pick.

General manager Ken Holland sent Ward, 28, to the Carolina Hurricanes for a pick in next year's NHL draft. Last week, the Wings sent their 2002 first-round pick -- not likely to be much higher than 25th -- to Buffalo in a trade for six-time Vezina Trophy winner Dominik Hasek. If Hasek leads the Wings to a Stanley Cup next season, they also must send their 2003 first-round pick to Buffalo. If Hasek plays beyond next season, the Wings owe Buffalo a second-round pick in 2003.

Unless the Hurricanes blossom into an Eastern Conference contender, the Wings probably will receive a pick in the low to middle range.

The Wings traded Ward partly out of necessity, partly out of humanity.

They are overstocked at defense, and still need to move another player before the waiver draft to get down to the seven defensemen they are willing to carry. Ward also was eligible to become an unrestricted free agent in two years, unless he started making more than the league average.

Finally, the tense relationship between Ward and coach Scotty Bowman seemingly couldn't be resolved, making Ward, a third-tier defenseman, even more expendable.

"It was time to part company," Holland said. "When I talked to Aaron at the end of the season, he wanted the opportunity to be a fixture somewhere.

"Things didn't work out, for whatever reason. He's been here a number of years and has never really been able to be a fixture. So, given Aaron's role to this point, it would be pretty difficult to pay him a salary over the league average, which means he'll be unrestricted in two years."

Throughout his five full seasons with Detroit, Ward has been in and out of the lineup.

He had a promising start last season, displaying improved passing skills, but it unraveled around the midway point as his play became as inconsistent as his minutes.

He finished with four goals among nine points and a minus-4 rating in 73 games.

After playing in 19 of 20 playoff games when the Wings won the Stanley Cup in 1997, Ward played zero games during the 1998 Cup run and 11 out of 19 playoff games the following two seasons. He was a healthy scratch for all six games against the Los Angeles Kings this spring.

"Players get in different situations where they're not used the same, and players develop at different stages," Carolina general manager Jim Rutherford said. "At one point in his career, Aaron Ward was highly touted. He never really got to play as regular as he probably should have in Detroit. Now, this will be a good opportunity for him."

The trade comes a week after Holland acquired Hasek and former 63-goal scorer Luc Robitaille in an effort to boost the Wings back to superpower status. Holland would still like to acquire a tough defenseman, and getting one might be most likely via the inevitable trade of Chris Osgood, whose six-year stint as the starting goaltender ended with Hasek's arrival.

Though it's obvious to every club the Wings need to move Osgood, his trade value is relatively high. He's 28, has won a Stanley Cup, and consistently has put up good numbers. One destination might be the New York Rangers, who were preparing to unload Mike Richter last season when he tore a knee ligament.

St. Louis, Richter's purported destination at the time, failed to get Hasek or Patrick Roy, and the Blues still might go after Richter. It's possible they are interested in Osgood as well, but it seems unlikely the Wings would trade him to their top competitor in the Central Division.

This is a good break for Ward I believe as he will play alot more for the Canes then he did for the Wings.


I heard the free market trades are getting so far out of hand...CHRIS WEBBER HAS ENTERED in to them....

And I hear the AVS are interested...



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To JoeC:

Although I live in Los Angeles, I am a die-hard Red Wings fan and I have been fortunate enough to get to talk to a couple of Wings over the years when they are in town. In fact, I ran into Aaron in last years playoffs(a nightmare for me) and he said he would not play in that series unless someone basically died and this was for sure his last year in Detroit. He made it seem that he and Bowman never got along and he wouldn't play no matter how he improved. I hope this is a good move for him because he is a really good guy and maybe all he needs is a change of scenery.

Take care,


Joe C

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Titan I think Ward will suprise people and
really improve especially with alot of playing time,playing for Detroit he always
knew that he wouldn't get much playing time so I'm sure he will be alot more motivated this year.