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    barasso to start tomorrow

    don't be fooled, leafs will win. i don't care if jeff o'neill is from my town but carolina never plays well here in toronto. the proline price is good at 1.70 washington is famous for starting off slowly and they pick up their play in december. my prediction is that they will enjoy a long...
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    the most unthinkable happened tonight

    guys, i know one bad thing about gambling is actually bragging about your winnings but since i don't win that much i like to share... for anyone who lives in ontario they are familiar with pro-picks on pro-line. well i nailed a pro-picks tonight in the exact order. i got the odds from their...
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    the unthinkable has happened tonight

    for those who care (if no one does i wont be offended) but i won proline!!! i bet for nyi, wsh, nash, and car/dal tie...sweet.... i'm on a roll baby!!! and with the last couple days having all the games pretty much go over, i think we'll still see the 5.5's on our list this friday.... how...
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    why is barasso starting all these games?

    can someone please fill me in? i know carolina has played a load of games but irbe usually plays 70 games a year....
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    an interesting fact that should be read by all...

    i was reading a newspaper here in toronto (the star for whoever is familiar) and it did a report on gambling. that stats shocked me and most people. on average per year, a las vegas bookie (or bookies in general but their emphasis was vegas) will make 44% profit in a calendar year. on the...
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    for all you pro-line fans like me (11/20)

    calgary 1.60 ana/tb tie 3.50 col/nyr tie 3.50 under 5.5 philly 1.95 3 for 6 on ties...a dismal 50% anyone is welcome to add their predictions. i'm broke as f*ck and need money!! help me!!! stupid university is draining my money!
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    pro-line for 11-19-01

    pro-line for 11-19-01 (including over/under) i'm new here but if you look at my only post here i got 2 ties right out of the 4. for monday i'm liking the following: toronto 1.40 (not worth the best at that price) i like the over in this game, i think mogilny will break out. hopefully they...
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    ontario pro-line 11-17-01

    boston 1.70 montreal 1.60 rangers/pit tie 3.50 detroit 1.45 (not worth betting at that price) jackets/preds tie 4.00 calgary 1.90 islanders/coyotes tie 3.50 oilers/canucks tie 3.50 san jose 1.70 pro picks my top 4 (in order) 1. detroit 2. toronto 3. ottawa 4. boston