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    MNF Philly v KC

    nice call
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    MNF Play

    nice call
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    The Grey Cup

    great job with the cfl this season and have fun at the game Lets go under
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    SNF (Sunday Night Football) WK # 9 Contest... BUFFALO @ CINCINNATI

    cincy -1 cinci over buf scores 1st cinci scores last td 1st fg last no
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    SNF (Sunday Night Football) WK # 8 Contest... CHI @ LAC

    +10 bears under LA LA fg fg No
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    SNF (Sunday Night Football) WK # 7 Contest... MIA @ PHI

    eagles eagles tt over eagles score 1st eagles scores last 1st score td no
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    NHL tuesday

    nice sweep
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    NFL early

    couple of times 1st and goal and only get a fg just give it to Henry jeezus
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    MNF Hawks G-Men

    Unders are the best lol
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    Early play Seahawks +1.5

    also the Giants needs to win these games tough call but Good luck AW
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    MLB and NFL Sunday

    GL Bud
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    NFL Sunday

    YTD 2-3 Little short on time so the write ups will be short but so like the card. Steelers-Raiders Ov 43 4* After playing the 49ers and the Browns D’s this Raiders unit will look like a college Defence to the Steelers Offence this week. Game should be wide open with both teams getting theirs...
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    NFL Sunday

    Trying to take over my thread Elite ?? Lol jk All good good luck on your plays
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    1sob NFL Picks

    Donkeys+7-120 Det under 23-110 1st half NE ml-135 Dallas under 44 all for 1 unit Good Luck
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    SNF (Sunday Night Football) WK # 3 PYP Contest

    lv -2.5 pit under 22.5 lv to score first pitt score last first score f/g last score fg no pick 6
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    Early NCAAF (thurs-Fri)

    I like G St also at +7 Have Fun in SF
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    Sun NFL…..A Parlay…

    nice to see you pop in with your picks berry good luck
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    Sat kids

    GL SGR
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    Well now what do the Jets do for 2023

    Jets D is good but trusting Z Wilson to carry the team is asking a lot
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    NFL Week 2

    YTD 3-4 -4.30 units Posting these early Vikings over 48 Det over 48-125 Bears +3 All for 2 units