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    Keep rolling on OB. You seem to have a handle on things. GL
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    Thirstday Nite FB

    Spot in IP. Many of the same thoughts I have. GL with the props
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    Thursday Nite

    Travel safe and enjoy the Sun city E. GL tonight with Sea. I stayed away from side myself
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    Thurs week 13 disgusting league

    I have Dal as the first play in this week's EE pool, but the line crept up 2 pts as expected. So I am not on a side tonight. But I do like the Under 48 - 3* I see some 47.5 out there but don't think we will get close to that with 2 really good D's tonight. Key matchup is Dal D front vs a shabby...
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    Screw it, Dallas -9.5

    GL tonight Bobby. I am not on a side either. Looking for a strong D game and that actually helps Sea. NBL
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    Hawks Cowboys

    And I believe Sea D can disrupt the Dal offense and maybe keep them to 30 pts or less. Just dont see hawks scoring much. Gino has no time at all right now
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    thurs nite nfl

    GL SGR. Dal will be popular and glad I took it in the pool at -8. I knew it would creep up with Sea O Line issues.
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    Like it MD. GL
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    Who's on the UNDER tonight?

    Agree. Watch the Dal D front move Parsons to the right side where Sea O line is struggling hard. They tried Peters last week and got blown up. Now pop in a rookie. Not good at all for Geno. Dal and Under seems the play. GL coach
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    LTB for 11/29 - Lets talk Betting

    Good to see you have returned Superman. Best wishes to pad the bankroll
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    Saturday - iowa michigan

    Think hard about that one. Last weekend Iowa had the lowest total score in NCAA history at 23.5. They win 13-10
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    Are we looking at another prime time under tonight?

    I had to save that meme PJ. Good stuff
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    This is disgusting

    Exactly Coach. It was this pic I had in mind during my rant about knocking the envelope out of his pocket. I would venture you understand exactly what I was saying about bad or lack of calls can ruin both a career and a life should a serious injury result. It’s so hard to watch. Even the MI /OSU...
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    NFL Monday

    LoL. I took the warden to the movies yesterday also. We debated Napoleon vs Hunger Games. Sounds like the warden made the winning call and we saw Hunger games.
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    With you in the pass OB. Best to you on the rest of the card
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    NFL Monday

    Best of luck tonight Ohara.
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    Monday Picks

    Great weekend and GL IP
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    MNF Play

    GL tonight coach.
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    Are we looking at another prime time under tonight?

    Just pulled this off Action Sports….. The public is also on the under, which is understandable seeing how primetime unders are 25-9 (74%) this season. But Fields' ability to extend plays has made betting Bears unders an unprofitable endeavor as of late, with the over going 12-3 (80%) in Fields'...
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    Week 12 Felons

    Agree on that Ohara. That’s why when I see that move I go research why? It may be that you go with or against the move depending.