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    thurs nite nfl

    SGR, after looking closely and over analyzing everything, I believe you are on the right bets. Worried a bit on how many points Sea will contribute to the total, but really cant see uner here.
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    thurs nite nfl

    Dont overlook the Dallas "D" I'm thinking the best dip is Dallas to the Under. Haven't made a play yet, still chscing stuff.
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    Do you want to know how good the handicappers are at EveryEdge ?

    BB is on fire with a win % that must be record breaking. Keep it going good buddy
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    NFL Monday

    I passed!on the game as it didn’t make any line sense. Took wife out to a movie . Saw Napoleon. Don’t waste your time unless you are a history lover. Very boring movie Just got home, looks like the football game is a snoozer too
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    NFL Monday

    Minn -3 total 43’ Something doesn’t look right to me Chic 3 wins and lost 5 of L 6 Minn has won 5 of L 6 and home. Why only -3 and hasn’t moved ( some outs had it -3’) Looking for opinions
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    Week 12 Felons

    Nice winning day for you and glad you took the Rams. Congratulations Note: large line movements are often due to arbitrage by big players, and sometimes it may be due to a change in lineup ( ie a key player is out)
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    NFL Sunday

    Thanks MM, appreciate the compliment, and yes, so far I'm 3-0 on posted plays with Baltimore up next.
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    NFL Sunday

    FWIW My top NFL plays are PITT-2' vs a wounded Cinci team who really wasnt playing all that well even with Joe Burrow LA Rams -2' over AZ, Even with Kyler Murray, they are still AZ and Rams a bit healthier now Denver -1 over Clev. Defense has been much better and on nice win streak . Home...
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    NFL Sunday

    Good Luck E In agreement with Denver and their improved "D" They are on my card
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    Sunday Early

    Good Luck CC,
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    week 12

    Good Luck, I like Pitt a lot
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    NCAA Football Rivalry weekend

    Wrap 5-6 -.95* Like I said " hate rivalry weekend" Couple surprises but two home dog rivalry games made the diff. Florida State TD with 3 mins left and South Car no points in 2nd half, lost both of those although covering throughout. Darn Easily could have been 7-4 Regardless, my top 2* pick...
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    NCAA Football Rivalry weekend

    I hate this weekend. Rivalry weekend, some teams needing a win for bowl eligibility, some teams have quit, some are looking ahead. How does anyone know the emotional stability or lack of it with 18-20 year olds, dumb coaches etc. YTD on posted plays aint fantastic but definitely in the black...
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    Sorry, didn’t see your question yesterday. Made all my plays early then enjoyed fam and friends at my home .
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    GB at Detroit and OSU v UM on Saturday

    Good Luck and Happy New Thanksgiving In Detroit I also like the over
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    Happy Thanksgiving SGR
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    Winner winner chicken dinner, a nice +2.25* to start off the Thanksgiving week/weekend. Looking for some NFL tips from our pick six leader Buffalloboy
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    Last MAC of the season

    Indeed, and BGSU apparently reeled it in ( 2nd half although I wasnt watching 2nd half due to the score). EMU played well and deserved their nice win and cover.