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  1. ReaDyMon

    CBB - take a look

    Props on the comfy win! Tailed for a unit Randy
  2. ReaDyMon

    RhodyJoe's Plays of the Day January 22, 2023

    Good Luck with your card today Joe! I'm on Buffalo -6 as well Randy
  3. ReaDyMon

    RhodyJoe's Plays of the Day December 25, 2022

    Nice cover to end Sunday NFL! Good Luck Monday!
  4. ReaDyMon

    Xmas NFL

    Almost did not watch the 4th Q as the Steelers offence was nearly non-existent for the most part. Glad I gutted it out. Needed them to cover for a 3 unit day. Ho ho ho
  5. ReaDyMon


    Merry Christmas SGR!
  6. ReaDyMon

    Xmas NFL

    Merry Christmas & Good Luck on your plays, Elite! Go Steelers(y)(y) Randy
  7. ReaDyMon

    Thursday NFL

    Nice job on a low stress win! Hope you keep on rolling (y)
  8. ReaDyMon

    Thirstday Picks

    On SF -3.5 with you IP, good luck to us Backing my Habs -.5 on the ice Randy
  9. ReaDyMon

    HD Picks

    Good Luck IP! I'm on the Raptors to win a unit Hoop you sweep! Randy
  10. ReaDyMon

    HD Picks

    Good Luck IP! On the Under Mon/OTT for my only puck play tonight Go Habs! Randy
  11. ReaDyMon

    Tight game please!

    MNF Put a unit on a proline tie, pays 2.25 Just a hunch
  12. ReaDyMon

    NFL Sunday Picks

    Nice day right to the end for you IP! (y)(y)
  13. ReaDyMon

    NFL and Puck

    Jets +10 Cin -4.5 Bos -.5 Go Steelers!
  14. ReaDyMon

    Thursday play

    Nice job on the parlay!
  15. ReaDyMon

    MACtion midweek finale

    Ditto, I'm seeing -2.5
  16. ReaDyMon

    RhodyJoe's NHL Play of the Day November 4, 2022

    Joined you on this early tilt, nice call! Randy
  17. ReaDyMon

    CFB Oct. 20

    Nice no stress winners!
  18. ReaDyMon

    OB’s NHL season thread

    Ditto! I see the Habs start the season with 3 games in 4 nights with games 2&3 btb on the road, AND 4 games in the 1st 6 nights. Hope you keep on rolling! Randy
  19. ReaDyMon

    NHL Friday

    Score you bastards! Am also on Col, who I see are down by 1 to Win as I type Hope we cash Ice! Randy
  20. ReaDyMon

    Tuesday Picks

    SWEEP!!! Hooked up the 3 on a small wager for a nice return I was already in on the Fla Over, thanks for the others! Randy