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    First post of year

    Took most of last year off due to craziness of job so making plays this year to have fun North TX+1.5 **** SMU +2.5 (got Monday)** VT -12*
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    NCAA BB 5* play

    F me. Ha ha. WTF. Louisville can’t make a shot to save their life!
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    NCAA BB 5* play

    The total has dropped 3 points with the spread now at -6. I think this means Ramsey for tech might not be playing for very limited. Without him in the line up I could see tech slowing down play to barley beating the shot clock. Last year I would have given us the advantage but with defensive...
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    NCAA BB 5* play

    I’m a Texas Tech Red Raider so take with a gain of salt. I have watched everyone of our games and we are just not as good as last year. This year our transfers aren’t good defensive players and both can’t or won’t score. Then all our other new players are freshman. Our best freshman is a game...
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    Saturday NCAA Football play

    I like and will tail
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    Sat College B-ball & Football

    Like KSU but didn’t pull trigger, I’ll follow now
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    NCAA Sat!

    After all this time I’m at even on the year. Been some good times and hard weeks and looking for a positive one today. Let’s winsome! Texas Tech +3.5 Oklahoma -10 Alabama -17 (bought the hook) Minn+3 All one unit
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    Sat NCAA

    Heading out for the weekend, will be running a 50k Saturday so will not have time to post Baylor -2.5 Louisville +6.5 Boise State -13.5 Penn State -6.5 Three team teaser LSU +12 Kansas State +13 Under 69 LSU/Bama All 1 unit
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    Bounce back weekend

    Last week was a blood bath but this weekend give more opportunity LSU -10 I like Burrow and I'm not a believer in Bo Nix yet....Both Defenses are good (LSU) to excellent (Auburn) but overall just like LSU at home Memphis -10 Tulsa has struggled against teams that can run and control the...
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    First 5* in 2 years

    I’m sorry guys. It has not been a good day for me.
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    First 5* in 2 years

    That INT before half was a killer. A FG at minimum was needed
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    First 5* in 2 years

    Adding some plays Louisville +24.5...UL can score so giving up 24 at home is a ton of worst I can see a back door cover but if my booked allow I might even put a little ML plan on as if Clemson is going to lose this year it will be today or against Wake maybe, common theme in both is...
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    College Football Plays - Saturday

    I like Washington here too...will follow
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    nice call
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    First 5* in 2 years

    Ok State -4 vs Baylor Baylor is trash! They are led by a lip smacking coach and they should have lost last week. Before overtime BU had a holding non call in the end zone on the final drive and then in overtime BU fumbles but it was called an illegal snap (wtf). Ok State and BU both have played...
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    Trap or lock

    Need some opinions. Boise State -6.5 BYU -BSU is 6-0 -BYU is 2-4 with three straight losses and one was to South Florida -BYU’s starting QB is out as well as there starting RB -BSU’s QB got injured in the last game but they still scored 28 points in the second half -BSU’s back up went 12/18...
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    Let’s Winsome

    Adding -3,5 Penn state 1 unit
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    Saturday NCAA

    Might tail that temple play. Been looking at as well