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  1. Neilrules

    NCAA Hoops Sunday

    No I didn't, thanks for the heads-up BB, I'll definitely check it out!
  2. Neilrules

    NCAA Hoops Sunday

    Harvard +7 at Indiana (Indianapolis) GLTA
  3. Neilrules

    Thirstday Turkey Picks

    Bol today IP!
  4. Neilrules

    Happy Thanksgiving to all

    Go gettum BB!
  5. Neilrules

    Turkey day Play

    Bol coach!
  6. Neilrules


    Happy turkey day SGR!
  7. Neilrules

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Bol OG!
  8. Neilrules

    NCAA hoops- Wednesday

    Couple more good games in the Maui Classic today. Marquette looked awfully good in rhe semi vs Kansas. Hopefully they didn't shoot their wad yesterday. I'll take them with the points today in the championship vs Purdue. Marquette +3 vs Purdue Kansas -1 vs Tennessee GLTA
  9. Neilrules

    Mon nighter

  10. Neilrules

    NCAA Hoops Monday

    Going to dip my toes into college hoops as some interesting matchups in the holiday tourneys. These are all neutral site games. Louisville +8 vs Indiana Gonzaga +4.5 vs Purdue UConn -6.5 vs Texas GLTA
  11. Neilrules

    NMSU +26.5

    Great call BB!
  12. Neilrules

    Raps vs Bucks Nov. 15

    Great call J
  13. Neilrules

    Thank You

    BB is setting a blistering pace! 🔥
  14. Neilrules

    NFL Sunday Picks

    You da man IP! Keep it going
  15. Neilrules

    Wis vs Indiana at 11 am

    Great call Pete! 🧹🧹🧹
  16. Neilrules

    NFL Week Eight

    Bol today SS!
  17. Neilrules

    NFL Sunday Picks

    Go gettum IP!
  18. Neilrules

    NFL Sunday

    Bol Big E! Nice recovery from the start of the season.
  19. Neilrules

    NFL Sunday

    Sweep! Great job E!