Back for 2020 Foots


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Hey gang. Glad to have survived this crazy 2020 to get to football season. I must admit, the warden is perhaps happier than I am football is back, so I'll quite getting under her feet all day.........................

Starting off the year with 2 totals plays...........
UAB/Mia under 55 - 2* Most notable factor for this one is UAB stingy D that ranked 8th in both pass and run nationally, and 1 in both area's for Conf USA. While they gave up some points last week in their opener, Mia has yet to field the new look O. They are unfolding a new transfer QB in King and have moved to a spread offense. While this may help out up the road, I do not see them putting up 28+ points to get this over since they typically play to the level of competition. Lean would be UAB +14 also but no play..................
Hou/KC over 54 - 3* We are all aware of the KC powerhouse O and still remember that 51 point comeback to get to the big dance against this Hou D. You don't think for 1 minute that Hou forgot do you? But I simply do not see these guy's being able to stop KC. Sooooo..........they will have to play match score with them again. They averaged 21.9 PPG last 10 to wrap up 2019, and we know that NFL D's typically start slow in week 1. This is amped up by the fact they have not hit anyone with the preseason cancelled. I think it's a high scoring back and forth tonight. Talk that both teams stay in the locker room during the anthem [:mad:] may prove to show the D's never come out at all.........we shall see

GLTA and great to be back
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Good luck BB...leaned toward Houston and the big number but couldn't pull the trigger big of a coaching mismatch....will tail you on the over for KC though ...BOL
Good luck this year BB. I'm with you on the over. It just dropped to 53 at my book! Enjoy the game.
"the warden" he he he. As our world is redecorated complete with a mutating military grade virus set upon us viciously in stealth by known enemies - those amongst us with these invisble powers should maybe lighten up a bit Eh? Let those in front critically think this gig through so we might mount a push back. De-couple ourselves from this intended 'bell curving' of western civilization - and do the ugly, but necessary job staring us down. Lest we lose the entire NEST completely. Just sayin...
Hey BB...I'm gonna tail ya on that KC/Hou OVER**.
Good to see ya back....Man....It's been a long haul....hope all is well...GL to us tonight....Lidder


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Good luck BB. I'm feeling chalky tonight...Miami -14 and KC -9, but see everyone else is feeling the maybe i'll just sip my gin and juice watch everyone else sweat.
BB - your bolded UAB/MIA play is Over, but your write-up reads like under. Are you really on the over in the college game? BOL
Dag burn good catch Dart. That should be under. I corrected it and sorry to the board for my typo. Guess I was so excited to post I overlooked that. Play is Under 55
I didn’t play the NCAA, but got lucky with a 53.5 in the NFL over. An early season reminder of how tight these lines can be. Thanks, BB.