Everyedge Pick 6 2023 Contest

I'm confirmed. Now I really have to...

C'mon people get ahold of everyone and get into this fabulous NFL season long event
Okay, do you have my email? It hasnt changed
I'm not able to get into the pool. error message keeps saying my information is not compatible. ?????
Hi OHara try clearing your browser cache and then logging back into the Run your pool site. Need your email and password for that site to get started. You may also need to clear the cookie for that particular site as well.
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Hey BB. I also went into the RYP site.

A message bar at the bottom of the My Picks page states:

"The point spreads have not yet been entered for this week. They are usually updated on Tuesdays.
You will not be able to make picks until the spreads are in."

It's always been the Tuesday of the current week of games when they post the contest lines at that site.
I'm in... couldn't resist! Keep seeing all these banners for Splash Sports at RYP... guess they are the same company now?
Don ' t Know Enough To Form An Honest Opinion Did Hear On Here Last Week For Super Bowl Picks Dallas N Y Jets N Y Giants An Cleveland Two Shots N The Dark N Y Jets + 1600 An Dallas + 1400