Everyedge Pick 6 NFL Contest is back!

EE Sam

Everyedge Pick 6 Football Contest is back. Still trying to figure out the prizes.

If you are interested in joining the pool, please go to the following link and fill out the form:

NOTE: If you already participated in my pool last year, do NOT join again. Just login to your account from last year.

I'm in and ready for Covid style NFL.

Just imagining games without the fans...

We'll be the fans
Hey Sam, I have a buddy who is interested in joining the pool this year...what is the pool join password number? Thanks..
I joined too, but under the screen name of Bobodad. Somehow my usual log in name and password would not get me in.

Hey everyone, just joined the forum here kind of,,, I’ve been on and off just lurking for the past 3 years 😂😂 will start posting my plays this NFL season. GLTA

Remember CC meestermike missed one week and he won the whole thing 2 years ago i believe. having 6 picks per week helps that out.