Follow the Money


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The simplest way to make a successful wager in the NFL is follow line movements. When a line moves 2 points or more off the opening line follow the money. A couple of lines today fit this profile Washington moved from +6.5 to +4.5 and Houston moved from +9.5 to +7.5 and LV moved from +1 to -3 . I like the first 2 but Im not crazy about LV as a favorite. GL
Or like a few years ago lady won the Pro Line Pools with a perfect week. She picked what city she liked better.
I remember that. Was about 800k if I remember correctly.
I know 2 guys that won a week. But unfortunately for them so did a ton if others. I don't think either of them won more than 2k.
Double b if you are seeing this, do you remember who? Lol.