MM’s Sunday morning fiascos


Teasers - 6 pts in 2\3’s RR’s

Playing a mixed bag today with these at 7 of my outlets for 1/2 units per
LAC +4
NO +7
IND +13.5
{2 different outs}

JAX -1
NE +3.5
MIA Even

ARZ +18.5
KC -7
SEA +2.5
{2 different outs}

NE +3.5
Pit +8.5
{2 different outs}

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All you guys betting spread or totals for ne/jets game got a big set of balls.
2 bad qbs, 2 what I consider great ds. Can't figure it out. I expect turnovers, but question is where? I could see just about any outcome for this game.