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A Nice 3-0 sweep on Sunday and ended up the week 13-8 and a nice profit. Sticking to 3 plays a day for posting purposes as it makes life a lot easier on me and seems to be working better. So let’s get the week started with a winning day today.

Record: 446-404

My Pick: ETSU over 62 1st half

My Pick: Washington State -7 -120

My Pick: Miami Heat +4

FSU was very close to making the cut as well, but will stick with these 3.

YEP! That Miami Heat likely TOO much for 'TOP HEAVY' 'Clip show' brushing off sweat from last night as they beat the crap out of Cleveland for one reason alone (More revenge for new tiny coach the imported 'Evil Dr. Lue' who was unceremoniously dispatched from the Cavaliers in un-Cavalier fashion.) While they left their load management in the locker room to pound Cleveland into hamburger they now must inhale and face one of the toughest D's on the board in a rested Miami squad. League # 1 D? New York, yeah I had to double take that one and have a hard time figuring out why Hotlanta is favoured tonight by 1.5 and blooming north of 2 currently?!
Hmmm sneaky fast wiseguys must have ferreted out some kind of inside poop and the drifting number means one of em LEAKED?
BTW adding to the play on Miami. Clippers in look ahead spot to rival #1 Seed Utah game NEXT Wednesday.
Can anyone tell me where the Rockets and Wizards come up with more than 231.5 points tonight?
And Brooklyn looks juciy @ -4 but their STARS are likely more focused on Phoenix tomorrow. No Kevin Durant tonight = no defense. Both Harden and Kyrie will be looking ahead to CP3 and the Suns on the back-to-back, a game that they should both be emotionally invested in. Kyrie made life more difficult for NBAPA President Chris Paul. And on-court beef between Chris Paul and James Harden lead to the unceremonious Houston exit by Chris Paul.
Ergo a small very dangerous play against the Nets on Sacratomato @ +4. Sactown very good at home despite NOT showing up against Memphis?
The REAL stealing is going in the totals department, but don't forget them books have lines shoe-horned in with their 1/2 point 'hooks.'
Book em Dano!
*smoke em if ya got em

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