Oakland/Colorado Wed Game


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I still can't believe that the books haven't adjusted to the fact that the Rockies blow. Looking at tomorrow's game Mulder v. Astacio and can't help but to want to play the A's. The Rockies don't hit lefthanded pitching very well except Davis of Texas and Mulder has been unhittable lately. Astacio is always capable of pitching a gem but he is also capable of walking 5 or 6 six and getting into a lot of trouble. I am sure he also has alot on his mind with all the trade talk. With a lefty pitching that means Shumpert in for T. Walker at 2nd which even makes their line up more pitiful plus Helton is not hitting lefties this year either. Also by the odd chance that the Rocks do lead late they have no Jiminez to close the door as he is on the DL. Oakland will also have a fresh and ready Ishringhausen as he did not pitch tonight. 7 strong innings or so from Mulder and the Oak bullpen should be able to close the door. Only minor concearns are Rocks 16-13 game 3 which is their best of any game and have been able to avoid several sweeps,the fact that Mulder started a game that Oak lost 18-3 last year to the Rockies against Astacio and other concearn is the price of -155. Hate laying the juice like that. Not positive if I will play it but certainly a strong lean. Will be posting from now on as I finally have some time and hope I can help the board. Good Luck to everyone and I enjoy the board very much.

Couple of side notes on Rockies

Look for this to maybe be the last start in Rockies uniform for Astacio. They have officially eliminated themselves from any post season chances and are looking to deal him and Perez. The fact that Perez is on the trade block has affected his play especially at the plate. He is probably gone very soon also if a deal can be made. Colorado now 4-20 last 24. Oakland 13-4 last 17. Colorado 0-7 tonight w/runners in scoring position. Cirillo, Perez , and the Walker's 1-16 tonight. Rockies bullpen ERA since June 27 over 7 starters ERA over 6. Not going to win many games with those numbers.
Thanks Charlie... man, you paint a grim picture for the Rockies. I wonder if Astacio can wrap his head around this game with the trade talks swirling around?