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Overall Picks Record: 837-597-49 ATS

**we were asked about our specific NFL record from the over 1,300 plays given out on this page.

In total we have posted over 400 NFL plays here over the last 13 seasons. The overall record on those plays is:

257-152-13 ATS

All you need to do is email once you have signed up and deposited and we’ll have your account credited. It’s that easy.


**Since our picks record spans over 13 years and more than 1,300 picks, we have been asked by several EE followers to provide a “current streak” record.

Current Streak: 69-51-2 ATS 

(please note: 95% of all selections have been between -110 and +110. The majority of the rest have been between -120 and +120 (MLB and NHL plays mostly).

**Documentation: Over the course of more than a decade, every play has been posted on this page for all to see before the start of any of the games/events. 

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