Ugly! NBA Playoff Series Prices Eastern Conference

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Ugly duckling

Ugly is the only way to describe the NBA Eastern Conference Playoff matchups. The NBA playoff series prices are open with games tipping off this Saturday April 18, 2015. None of the series are exciting though trash talk has started with Cavaliers – Celtics and Raptors – Wizards. At least it’s something.

Here’s a quick summary of the NBA playoff series prices for the NBA Eastern Conference and respective NBA Championship title odds. Betting lines are provided courtesy of TopBet. We give our “early lean” on each series.


[1] Atlanta Hawks               vs        [8] Brooklyn Nets

Series Odds:   -1500                               Series Odds:  +800

Title Odds:     +1200                              Title Odds:     +25000

Head to Head: Hawks 4-0

Early Lean: The Hawks are a well-oiled machine with no superstars that have a chip on their shoulders. Atlanta will put away a Nets team with faux superstars. Hawks 4-0.

[2] Cleveland Cavaliers      vs.     [7] Boston Celtics

Series Odds:   -5000                             Series Odds:   +2000

Title Odds:     +210                                Title Odds:     +20000

Head to Head: Tied 2-2

Early Lean: Boston made a great push for the 7th seed which surprised some pundits, but the Cavs gave them the bulletin board material to do it. The season series is tied and Coach Stevens is showing his chops and may be able to scare a win or two out over Lebron James & Cavaliers. Cavaliers 4-2.

[3] Chicago Bulls                 vs.       [6] Milwaukee Bucks

Series Odds:   -1000                              Series Odds:   +600

Title Odds:     +1500                              Title Odds:     +30000

Head to Head: Bulls 3-1

Early Lean: Going 8-12 in the last 20 games and having a young crew, the Bucks are in tough against a veteran Bulls side who know the ups and downs of the playoffs. The Bulls put away the upstarts 4-0.

[4] Toronto Raptors           vs.       [5] Washington Wizards

Series Odds:   -190                                 Series Odds:   +160

Title Odds:     +7500                              Title Odds:     +8000

Head to Head: Raptors 3-0

Early Lean: Good ol’ Paul Pierce is back to psych out the Raptors, but this time the Raptors will be ready for them.  A healthy Demar DeRozan and a team who’s gone through a war last year will be ready for Wizards team who are dealing with chemistry issues. If you are looking for a long shot to win, the Raptors might be the team. Raptors 4-2.