New York Giants vs. New York Jets Pick

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The Big Apple Grapple (or whatever bad moniker you want to attach to it) has caught my eye.


The line currently sits at the Jets -2 (checking Bovada) with a total of 46.5.

New York Giants vs. New York Jets Pick

This is a picture of Eli and Mrs. Manning about to steal Ryan Fitzpatrick’s reservation


The Giants are coming off a putrid performance vs. a divisional rival, letting the Redskins push them around. In a season liberally sprinkled with underwhelming efforts, that one stood out as particularly noxious.


But living in the magical world of the NFC East, embarrassing yourself on a regular basis has had virtually no consequences so far this season.


But at some point it will. At some point urgency will creep in and push aside general indifference over whether they win or lose. At some point all the yelling and self-esteem crushing comments Grandpa Coughlin continually spews will resonate.


And I think that tipping point happened this week.


You know the Giants can claim first place in the division with a win this week. Yes, they’ll need a loss on another field somewhere, but the fact when Eli Manning takes away Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Wednesday night reservation at Babbo, he could be a division leader, is pretty sad.


But I think they’ll do their part by getting that win on Sunday.


The Giant O-line should be healthier, which will help vs. a stout Jet run defense. So if they can even have marginal success running the ball, Eli and the passing game should have a very nice day. Revis might not play, which will set in place a domino effect that doesn’t play out well for Jet fans. Even if Revis does suit up, I still like the Giants to have a field day through the air.


New York Giants vs. New York Jets Pick

I think the Giants will put some points on the board, making it difficult for the Jets to keep pace.


I’m taking the underdog NY Giants at +2 in this one.


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