Vikings vs. 49ers Monday Night Pick

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Vikings vs. 49ers Monday Night Pick

Last night was “movie night” at the EE Jay household. The kids decided “Herbie Fully Loaded” was worth a shot (there’s a distinct female flair over here).


While watching Herbie’s hijinks I was struck by how healthy and talented a fresh-faced Lindsay Lohan appeared. I’m guessing she was 18 or 19 when she tackled the entirely undemanding role of Maggie Peyton.

Vikings vs. 49ers Monday Night Pick

The 2015 Vikings and this LiLo have a lot in common


What a blissful time that must have been for Lindsay, her management, her fans and those wackjobs Dina and Michael (known to Lindsay as Mom and Dad).


The future was blindingly bright; full of excitement, anticipation and potential.


Fast forward a few years and we have… well, we have the LiLo trainwreck. No more excitement, anticipation or talk of potential.


It occurred to me that Herbie-era Lindsay is the 2015 Minnesota Vikings: unlimited positive buzz, adored by both fans and the media and a bubbling river of anticipation for what’s to come.


Meanwhile, the 2015 San Francisco 49ers are more post-rehab Lindsay. Tired, troubled, rap sheets everywhere, abandoned by fans and so unburdened by expectations just staying off the police blotter is considered a success.

Vikings vs. 49ers Monday Night Pick

This Niners have more in common with this Lindsay


It’s with these two distinctly different narratives the Vikings and Niners kick-off the new season on Monday night (by the way, you can bet this game at Topbet Sports)


The Niners have had a pretty quick tumble. It wasn’t that long ago they were opening seasons as legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Now they’re projected to be dead last in their division and they take the field as a home underdog to an NFC North team that doesn’t play in Wisconsin.


As I said – low expectations.


Sure, the Vikes have AP back, the impressive Teddy Bridgewater and a defense that can ball.


But despite all the turmoil in the Bay area, the Niners still have a defense that can blow up backfields. And you know where the Vikings have issues – along that O-line.


Bring a weak O-line to town vs. the Niners and now you’ve given them a shot. Hey, they’re no longer one of the league’s dominant defenses, if they were Coach Harbaugh’s wife would be shopping at the Union Square Gap instead of the Michigan Strip Mall Gap.


But I think they’ll be fine in this matchup (watch for NaVorro Bowman to be a monster on his way to Comeback Player of the Year).


San Fran a home underdog to the Vikings…hmmm….just doesn’t feel right. I get why they are. As I outlined above, it’s the tale of two Lindsays. The perception is the Vikings are on their way to bigger and better, while the Niners are about to spend a season violating their probation.


I don’t quite see it that way.


Vikings vs. 49ers Monday Night Pick

Look for the Niner defense to have a nice day, lifting their team. I also think the addition of Torrey Smith gives San Fran an edge they really haven’t had in years. A legitimate outside threat that can stretch the field. Kaepernick and Smith might not hook up, but the defense has to respect Smith, which should mean Carlos Hyde and the mobile Kaepernick find nice lanes to run through.


I’m backing 2015 LiLo to surprise everyone and have an impressive night in the spotlight.


San Francisco +2.5 on Monday night.


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