2015 College Football Season Predictions

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College Football Season begins today and many are predicting the final four in the BCS championship. Topbet wrote in their preview blog which had a few surprises on who will be playing for the crown come January.

1. Ohio State +175

2. Auburn +1200

3. Baylor +1500

4. USC +1800

Auburn and Baylor are two surprises that many people are predicting not to get in the Final Four. Auburn has perennial favorite Alabama +650, at home, but play a game Louisville Cardinals team at a neutral site to kick off the season.

Baylor Bears have easy start to their schedule and their season doesn’t get tough until November 14 vs Oklahoma Sooners +3500. The Bears, play TCU +600 November 27 in Fort Worth which may determine the Big 12 champion.

Topbet like many did not pick an ACC team to get to the final four. To win the ACC, Clemson is predicted to win with odds of +200 to take the conference.

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