Big 12 Conference- Top Three Predictions

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With the Big 12 conference this year, a tight battle between three teams it is difficult to pick a clear winner in the conference however, in my mind I see the Oklahoma Sooners winning the Big 12 conference simply due to odds. Despite the fact, the Sooners are favorites in the Conference look for the Baylor Bears and Oklahoma State Cowboys to give the Sooners competition throughout the year.

To start off, the Sooners will be heading into the 2016 season in great form even with losses of some key pass rushers on the defensive side of the football. My predication is that Oklahoma will be Over their projected ten-win season. This is due to the fact that; the Sooners own a relatively favorable schedule along with a well prominent offence. On the other hand, the Sooners will look for substantial performances on the defensive side of the football and more importantly at the defensive end position. Ultimately, the Sooners will have high expectations yet again this season.

Subsequently, the Baylor Bears at my projected number two position will be looking for another great season similar to 2015 which saw them go 10-3 in the season. The team will look to put the dismissal of Art Briles behind them and focus on improving their weak spots from last year. My predication is that the Bears will be Over their projected win total of nine wins on the season. This is based on the fact that the Bears have had winning seasons in the past and will look for more of the same in the 2016 but rather, the Bears possess a favourable schedule which will be important to take advantage of if the Bears want any chance of keeping up with the Sooners. Along with the favorable schedule, comes an offence which is the strong spot of the overall team and will essentially, determine the fate of the Bears season.

Lastly, the Oklahoma State Cowboys likewise to the Baylor Bears, will be looking to have another impressive season which saw the team go 10-3 respectively, in 2015 . My predication is that Cowboys will be Over a projected eight and a half win season. This is due to the fact, that the team has a superior offence which will have a high PPG (points per game) total with the return of two notable players at the quarterback and wide receiver position. With minimal areas to improve on the team besides pass rushing, the Cowboys will have to primarily, defeat their hardest matchups on the road in order for the team to have a legitimate chance to win it all.


Big 12 Conference Season Win Over Under Predictions:


Team           Win Total       EE Predication

Oklahoma           10                           Over


Baylor                   9                             Over


Oklahoma            8.5                          Over



TCU                      8.5                            Over


Texas                    7                               Under



Texas                   6.5                            Under


West                    6.5                             Over



Kansas                  5.5                            Over



Iowa State           3.5                            Under


Kansas                  1.5                             Over