Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings Pick

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Three losses in a row for the Packers, five wins in a row for the Vikings.


If the streaks continue this week, Packer-fan can look at heading south in January and not worry about missing anything, while the Vikings will be heading for a home playoff game.

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings Pick

A loss this weekend and Packer-fan could start searching for a January getaway


Current form means Minnesota is a small favorite. No idea when the Vikings were last favored in this series, but have to believe it’s been a rare occurrence since the Favre-Rodgers tandem have been lining up under center.


Green Bay as an inter-division underdog, you got my interest.


Yes, the Pack have dropped their last three starts.


But really, you have to look at who they lost to. That’s a Murderer’s Row lineup. You have the undefeated Carolina Panthers, rolling over every one. You’ve got the best defense in the league in Denver. No shame in a road loss to Denver. And what more can you say about a Detroit Lion team, other than….umm….ahhh….hmmm…the Lions…okay, that’s a tough one, I’ll give you that.


Four losses in a row though – entirely possible, but I don’t see it. As I said above, the loss to the Lions was a bad one. No question.


But Rodgers is still elite, despite some passes that got away from him the last few weeks, even when he had time. Davante Adams is starting to emerge as a legitimate threat, which will help Randall Cobb. If the O-line can hang in there, which obviously won’t be easy vs. a good Minny defense, but if they can, Rodgers should have a good day.


The key is that O-line stepping up. I’m very comfortable with the Packer D facing the Viking offense. They should be just fine.


Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings Pick

I like the Packers this week. Maybe even more because of that loss to the Lions.


I played Green Bay +1

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