Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals Pick

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A high flying Bengals team hosts a suddenly struggling Chiefs team in this intriguing AFC matchup on Sunday.


Let’s have a closer look.


Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals Pick

NFL Odds: Cincinnati -4 (at Bet365)

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals Pick

Gingers everywhere are rejoicing with Dalton’s 3-0 start – but slow your roll Red.


Yes, I used the term “high-flying” above intentionally. The Bengals are 3-0 thanks in large part to the play of the offense, not in spite of Andy Dalton and crew, which is usually the case. Dalton has looked good – full stop. Ginger’s everywhere rejoice.


This is a good offense…right now. Every one might want to slow their roll just a little though. Anyone remember 2014 (another 3-0 start that went a little sideways)? Anyone remember virtually every primetime game in Dalton’s career? Anyone remember any playoff game for this franchise in the last decade? But all that aside, gotta give credit, as this team has nudged themselves into the “top teams in the AFC” conversation. A win this week and we’ll be talking about home playoff dates and a late January trip to Foxboro.


But again, I urge caution.


And I urge caution starting Sunday.


The Chiefs limp into town dragging an unimpressive 1-2 early season mark. They’re off a rough night at Lambeau where Aaron Rodgers rag dolled their defense. But the fact is, Rodgers does that to pretty much every defense that comes out of the visitor tunnel at Lambeau. It wasn’t pretty and I should know. I actually thought the Chiefs D were going to be respectable in that matchup, which led to a play on the Under. Not even close.


But I’m back for more. Not more “Under” action. Losing that bet so badly may have soured me on a total play for a while. I’m back for more KC action.


They’re coming off two losses that stung. First, they had Denver beat before giving that one away. And again, in Green bay they just weren’t good enough to compete. But KC does have the talent to matchup with Cincinnati. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about the chronic inconsistency that’s a staple of this Andy Reid/Alex Smith era.


They haven’t protected the ball well at all the past two weeks. If they get that sorted, they have a real shot. Jamaal Charles creates headaches for a defense, Smith doesn’t. But the running games impact should be enough allow Smith to do his thing and keep the chains moving. Of course he’s not going to be airing it out, but with a defense that should be fine vs. Dalton and the Cincy running game, they should be able to work that ball control game of theirs – basically the complete opposite of what happened Monday vs. Green Bay. If the Bengals put up three or four TDs the first five times they have the ball, well…then there goes the ball control approach. Now it’s a track meet and KC can’t win those. But I don’t think that’s what happens.


And despite all the “contender in the AFC” talk, the Bengals are a step down in class from the Packers and the Broncos. That Bronco D is scary. That Packer O is terrifying. The Bengals don’t get close to those terms on either side of the ball.


Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals Pick

I like getting the four points with an underdog that has a real shot at the straight up win.

I played the Chiefs +4


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