Laviolette vs. Tortorella – F***** Rights

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Washington Capitals’ coach Bruce Boudreau threw down the gauntlet last season, leaving Peter Laviolette and John Tortorella to carry the f***** “F-Bomb” torch in this year’s Winter Classic HBO 24/7.


And carry the “F-Bomb” torch they have. Now, let’s be clear, they’re mere kindergartners compared to Boudreau’s proficiency at squeezing the f-bomb into places many others would dare not attempt – between dangling participles, in place of a preposition, as a noun, a verb, an adjective…you name it.



A couple of things that have stuck out for many who’ve been watching the excellent HBO series “24/7 Flyers vs. Rangers” is that one, this is cable TV (no censors so fire away) and two, pro athletes and coaches swear a lot.


The fourth and final instalment of the series runs Thursday night at 10 pm ET. Online sportsbook has decided to make things a little interesting for you while you watch this episode.


Which coach do you think will drop more “F-Bombs” tonight…Tortorella or Laviolette? You can bet on it!


Who will drop more “F-Bombs” during the final 24/7 Flyers vs. Rangers Thursday night?

Rangers’ John Tortorella -105

Flyers’ Peter Laviolette -125


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