NBA Pick – Cavs vs Pistons

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By Greg Dempson

On Friday evening I watched the San Jose meltdown in the second period, and it brought back bad memories, that memory being the “Miracle on Manchester” I was living in Edmonton and often bet on or against the Oilers and on that particular evening I had backed the Oilers.

Okay, back to Friday’s Sharks/Kings game. The Sharks smelled blood prematurely…leading (3–0,) in the second with approximately 12 minutes and a line change remaining.

Low and behold, the Kings scored 3 consecutive goals and tied the game at 3–3 with all the momentum favoring the Kings as the third period began. The Sharks went on to score 3 goals in the third period, winning 6–3 due in part to head coach Sutter pulled his goalie sooner than normal as that was an elimination game if LA lost.

Miracle on Manchester, (Oilers at Kings on April 10, 1982)

That 3–0 Sharks blown lead falls well short of what the Oilers did at the old LA Forum on Manchester. Edmonton was up 5–0 at the end of two periods and after the third period had ended the game was tied 5–5. The Kings then won in overtime (6–5.)

NHL and NBA playoffs record in and who won, lost or pushed on the total in the last Spurs/Grizzlies game.

· Friday’s hockey selection was a winner as San Jose came through on the money line for me at +110 as that was the M/L when I emailed my article. By the time the webmaster posted my selection the Sharks were +117. In the long run, the only number that counts is the one that you bet into.

· My NHL playoff picks are 3–0–2 while my NBA offerings sit at 0–2.

· The over/under total on Friday’s Spurs/Grizzlies game opened at 181.5 before moving down to 181 and then an upward movement saw the total close at 183.5 or at 184. The game landed on exactly 183, so depending on when you bet the total you won, lost or pushed. Years from now if you go to a site that posts previous historical results on sides and totals that site will probably show the game going under as the majority of said sites go with closing numbers. If you are serious about accuracy, I suggest you keep your on log.

· When it comes to NBA totals, low steam on over/unders in the 180 range that move upward to 185 is a bad investment based on my programming data in specific situations. As for this afternoon’s total on the Spurs/Grizzlies game, I believe the Grizzlies team total has a good chance to stay under 85.5 points.

Cavaliers at Pistons O/U Selection

· Two out of the first three games have stayed under the total with this evening’s O/U, (198.5,) being lower than the three previous totals.

· LeBron made only 8 of 24 shots for 20 points, I expect a much better effort from King “James” tonight.

· During the regular season the Pistons were second in the league with a +3.8 rebounding differential. The Cavaliers held a 46-32 rebounding edge in the last game. The first three games in the series has seen the Pistons average 36.3 rebounds vs. 41 for the Cavaliers.

· In games two and three Cleveland made 32 of 67 from beyond the arc while Detroit went 10 for 40.

· This season Detroit went 8–0 to the over at home when the O/U was between 195 and 199.5 points, (17–05 to the over the past three seasons.)

· This season the Cavaliers are 21–12 to the over after a win by 10 or more points or more this season.

· Head coach Van Gundy/Team is 15–04 to the over at home when revenging two straight losses vs. an opponent by 10 or more points.

· I expect a tighter game as it is elimination time for the Pistons and in somewhat of an oddity Detroit is money in the bank when betting the over on Sunday’s at 22–06 to the over the past three seasons.

· I anticipate a better game from LeBron and a better shooting effort from beyond the arc for the Pistons.

NBA Pick

My Sunday Every Edge section is for the Pistons and Cavaliers to sail over the total of 198.5 points.